Tidbits from the history of our ancestors. # 8
<h2>Land census of Montréal on September 1, 1731.<br> East section.</h2><h5><FONT COLOR="#0099FF">last update : January 15, 1998</FONT><h5>

The following is an extract from the September 1, 1731 "Aveu et dénombrement des Messieurs de Saint-Sulpice". This document lists all the lots, with dimensions, owners, buildings and land uses and annual seigneurial dues (tax) for the whole island of Montréal and surrounding smaller islands. The area was a Seigneurie belonging to the Sulpicians congregation, the main financial backer with Mrs. de Bullion of the foundation of Montréal in 1642.

This land census contains a few thousand names for the whole seigneurie. I am reproducing the names of those owning land within the walled city only. If anyone would like me to check for a specific name on the rest of the island or for details of any entry, feel free to contact me on "soc.genealogy.french" for the benefit of everybody.

I have divided the walled city plan in six sections to reduce the files to manageable size for viewing. This page gives the second section on the east side. Future pages will give the other sections.

The "Aveu..." is kept at the National Archives of Québec. Five hundred printed copies were published in 1943 by Antoine Roy, chief archivist. The present list is taken from one of these copies which I found in a used books store in Vancouver.
Plan of Montreal, second section eastside
prepared in 1731 by Chaussegros de Lery, kept at the Archives Nationales de France
and corrected according to cadastral information



Arue Saint-Paul
Brue Notre-Dame
Crue Saint-Charles
1s. Chevalier de Longueüil
2André Roy
3s. Silvin
5Estienne Truteau
6widow and heirs blot
7francois Roy
9widow and heirs Chevalier
11Nicolas Jetté
13d.s. Guyon Despres
16widow and heirs blot son
17widow and heirs blot father
18Joseph Parent
19widow Manthet
22widow and heirs Laterreur
23widow and heirs of s. de Portneuf
24widow and heirs of s. de Ramesay
25s. Benoist
26Estienne Alaire
29Jacques Sicard
30Davely d. Larose
32Jean Bapte Desuilly
33widow and heirs lafleur
38Claude Brossard
39Charles Brazeau
41R.P. Jesuites

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