Mississippi Records

Mississippi Potters: A Great Link!!! Be sure to read the "Yalobusha and/or Calhoun Counties" Chapter which covers the history of the Usery's who were well known potters of Mississippi!

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records

Patentee Name/ State/ County/ Issue Date/ Land Office/ Doc.Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

USRY,  JOHN B.  MS Scott 5/2/1859 Augusta 13246 MS0850__.177 
USRY, JOHN R MS Leake 2/21/1895 Jackson 9339 MS2490__.476
USRY, STEPHEN C MS Yalobusha 5/20/1891 Jackson 5505 MS2420__.358 
URSERY, SAMUEL MS Lowndes 9/14/1835 Mt. Salus 7646 MS0230__.138
USERY, JOHN MS Lowndes, Monroe 2/10/1840 Mt. Salus 9272 MS0370__.397
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  12/10/1840  Chocchuma  1005  MS1760__.448  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  1006  MS1780__.258  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  1871  MS1780__.270  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  2127  MS1780__.288  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  2159  MS1780__.293  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  2279  MS1780__.306  
 USSERY, ANTHONY W  MS  Yalobusha  4/1/1847  Chocchuma  2292  MS1780__.310  
 USSERY, BENJAMIN  MS    2/25/1841  Pontotoc  9704  MS2930__.198  
 USSERY, DAVID  MS  Alcorn  7/30/1846  Pontotoc  20283  MS3140__.231  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Union  4/9/1842  Pontotoc  10664  MS2950__.174  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Monroe  5/1/1826  Jackson  1641  MS0120__.441  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Monroe  5/1/1826  Jackson  1644  MS0120__.442  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Monroe  5/1/1826  Jackson  1645  MS0120__.443  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Monroe  5/1/1826  Jackson  1646  MS0120__.444  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Monroe  5/1/1826  Jackson  1647  MS0110__.189  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Lowndes, Monroe  2/27/1841  Columbus  31156  MS1430__.181  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Union  5/6/1839  Pontotoc  7471  MS2880__.441  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Madison  9/21/1835  Mt. Salus  9360  MS0260__.234  
 USSERY, JOHN  MS  Lowndes,Monroe  2/1/1841  Columbus  96  MS0060__.267  
 USSERY, MARTIN  MS  Claiborne  8/20/1828  Washington  773  MS0020__.100  
 USSERY, MERRIWEATHER H  MS  Winston  10/1/1859  Columbus  39571  MS1610__.306  
 USSERY, PETER  MS  Winston  2/27/1841  Columbus  19055  MS1200__.470  
 USSERY, SAMUEL  MS  Lowndes  2/27/1841  Columbus  13167  MS1100__.029  
 USSERY, SAMUEL  MS  Lowndes  2/27/1841  Columbus  13168  MS1100__.030  
 USSERY, SAMUEL  MS  Lowndes  2/1/1841  Columbus  147  MS0060__.316   
USSERRY, SHELBY MS Tishomingo 10/6/1840 Pontotoc 8745 MS2910__.216 
ESSARY, BENJAMIN MS 8/14/1844 Pontotoc 15532 MS3050__.055 
ESSARY, HARMON NEELY MS Yazoo 12/20/1915 Jackson 06490 504331 
ESSARY, JOSEPH B MS Yazoo 3/31/1916 Jackson 06494 522354 	

Summary of Head-of-Household, 1850 U.S. Census of States: Mississippi

LaFayette Co: Holden Ursery 39-m-NC Lowndes Co: James M. Ussery 29-m-TN; John Ussery 56-m-NC; Samuel Ussery 47-m-NC Tishomingo Co: Shelby Ussery 41-m-KY Yalabush Co: William Usery 30-m-SC

Unknown County


WELLS, ED marr.  USSERY, KATE 06/12/1894  
SCOTT, USSERY marr.  McDANIEL, MARIA 03/07/1868    
  USHER,WILLIAM W. marr.  SCOTT, MARY 07/01/1830  
  USORY,JOHN marr.  HAMPTON, PLINEY 11/08/1814   
  USSERY,J. C. marr.  WILLEFORD,BETTIE 18/05/1876  
  USSERY,JAMES marr.  WALTON,EDDIE 17/12/1891  
  USSERY,SAMUEL J. marr.  COOPER, MALINDA 03/01/1836  
  USSERY,SAMUEL  L. marr.  SWANZEY, IDA ANN 14/12/1882  
  USSERY,SAMUEL  L. marr.  CLARIDY, SALLY A. 22/10/1885   
  USSERY,SELEMAN marr.  EDWARDS, SALINE 10/03/1883  
  USSERY,SELLMAN marr.  BARRY,LIZZIE [Mrs] 01/11/1888  
  USSERY,STEVE marr.  WIGGINS, MARIAH 15/03/1891  
  USSERY, ALFRED marr.  THOMAS,  ADELINE 15/12/1898  
  USSERY, ALFRED marr.  HENDERSON, ROSINA 10/01/1889  
  USSERY, C. L. marr.  FRANCIS, SARAH ANN 15/03/1888  
  USSERY, DAN marr.  HICKS, SALLIE 27/12/1871  
  USSERY, ED marr.  BRINKER, NANCY 12/09/1869  
  USSURY,WILLIAM marr.  BARNETT,MARY 06/08/1810  

Alcorn Co.



David Essery and Sara Carter, married 4 Sept. 1846
Levi Essery and Nancy Houston, marriage bond dated 6 February 1849

Land Records:

This county was not organied until 1870, but the courthouse has some of the old Tishomingo County Record books.

Probate Records:

Calhoun County


Ussery, William Robert 8 Oct 1894 White Born Water Valley MS (was Registered in Calhoun MS 1917)


URSERY, Holden age 50, farmer b. NC
Lucy age 56 b. NC
Margaret age 21 b. MS
Green, age 17 b. MS
Lavina, age __ b. MS

The State of Mississippi )
Calhoun County )
On this 21st day of September 1863 before Mr. Joseph Ryan Clerk of the Probate Court of said county personally appeared HOLDEN USSERY who being newly sworn according to law deposes and says that he is the Father of GREEN HILL USSERY who was a private in Capt. Elijah Smith's Company 37th Regt Miss Volunteers commanded by Col. Burton in the Service of the Confederate States in the present war with the United States, that the said Green Hill Ussery _________ _________ at Holly Springs, Miss on or about the 3rd of March 1862 and died at Chattanooga Tennessee on the 17th of March 1863 or there abouts, having neither wife or children, that he makes this deposition for the purpose of obtaining from the Government of the Confederate States whatever may have been due the said Green Hill Ussery at the time of his death for pay bounty or other allowances for services for private as aforesaid.

Sworn to and subscribed to before )
Mr. Joseph Ryan....Clerk ) Holden
his X mark

And on the same day [and] year aforesaid personally appeared MARGARET USSERY to me ___ ___ and whom I certify to be a person of veracity and credibility, who also being duly sworn says on oath that the statements made - oath of the said Holden Ussery- are true and correct in every particular to the best of her knowledge and belief, that she well knows Holden Ussery the claimant and well knows for ___ years the said Green Hill Ussery the deceased soldier above named and that she is wholly disinterested.

Sworn to and subscribed before me )
Js. Ryan Clerk ) Magret Ussery

Claiborne County

Marriages 1820-1826

Elizabeth C. USSERY b. abt 1808 Lunenburg Co., VA m. Bennett R. TRULY 6/24/1824 Claiborne Co., MS by J. Cram JP d. aft 1850

Samuel J. USSERY b. abt 1801 Lunenburg Co., VA m. Malinda COOPER 1/3/1836 Claiborne Co., MS


1820 Claiborne Co., MS
Samuel Ragsdale 2 males 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45, 2 female 16-26 1 female over 45

Tax Rolls

1818 thru 1825 Tax Rolls
Samuel Ragsdale listed. Also on this role is a Robert Ragsdale, Edward Ragsdale, Elijah Ragsdale, John M. Ragsdale, Frances B Ragsdale & Howell Ragsdale. Land was on Big Black. Claiborne Tax Rolls B-706

Samuel Ragsdaleappeared on 1849 Land Roll, Page 34, He had 303 acres valued at $7 per acre N 1/2 of Lot 3, Section 49, Twp 13, Range 3E.

Coahoma County

GRANGE Cemetery, Clarkesdale

USREY, J. C. Born: May 17, 1866 Died: January 29, 1904 “Gone But Not Forgotten”

Desoto County


Forrest County


Essary, Joe Battle 11 Oct 1880 W Forrest MS

Hinds County

Marriages Between 1833-1835

John Ussery and Molly Kansey?

Harrison County


Biloxi National Cemetery:
Dolphus Eugene Ussery b. Dec. 7, 1931 d. Nov. 4, 1999 Plot: C, 0, 401
William Alvin Usery b. Jul. 14, 1929 d.Jan. 6, 1994 Plot: J, 661-A

Lafayette Co., MS

1860 US Census

Ussery, Muggy MS ITAWAMBA CO. FULTON 350 1860
Ussery, William MS ITAWAMBA CO. FULTON 349 1860


SMITH, J. H. marr. USSERY, MARGARET 26/08/1866 (dau. of Holden Ussery)
USSERY,JOHN C. marr. TIDWELL,SARAH 22/12/1857 (son of Holden Ussery)
USSERY,JOHN C.marr. BURK, [Burt] SUSAN S. 10/07/1872 (son of Holden Ussery)

1850 US Census:

Holden Usery (Ursary) age 39 b in NC
Lucy age 46 born in NC
John C., age 18, born in NC
Martha, 14 born in TN
Jemima, age 13 born in TN
Margaret age 11 born in MS
Green H. age 7 born in MS
Lavinia age 4 born in MS
HILL, Julia, age 17 or 19, born in NC

Landowner in 1850:
USSURY, Holden 180 acres, Value of Land $1,000; Value of farm implements $ 250; 150 Bushels of corn ; and 6 bales of cotton ginned.

The 1860 Calhoun MS census lists Holden, age 50 with wife Lucy age 56 and children Margaret 21, Green 17 and Lavina. By 1870 Holden was remarried and listed n the 1870 Monroe Co., AR census with 2nd wife Jane Bridges)


John Calvin Ussery, Private, Company C, 37 Reg't Mississippi Inf.
On Muster Rolls July 1861 through Feb 1864

This company subsequently became Company C, 34th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry. The 34th Reg't Miss. Inf. was organized in April 1862, as the 37th Reg't Miss Infantry. By S.O., No. 31, Headquarters Department No. M, dated March 9, 1863, the designation was changed to the 34th Reg't Miss Infantry, that being the number by which this regiment was known at the Confederate War Department.
Jan/Feb 1863 John was stated on Muster Rolls as sick at hospital by authority of Reg't Sarg. Hollyville(?). Returned in March 1863
Apr 30 1864 Appears on a Receipt Roll of Co's G G & R 34 Miss Regt for clothing.
About April 9, 1865, this regiment was consolidated with the 24th, 27th, 29th and 30th Regiments, Mississippi Infantry, and formed a new regiment which was designated the 24th Reg't Mississippi Infantry. (See notes on Muster Roll copies ULGD200)
March 22 1865 appears on Prisoners of War at Memphis, Tenn--Deserters from rebel army..Place of Residence Lafayette, Miss--Complexion Fair, Blue Eyes, Dark Hair; 5' 11 1/2" tall, age 31.
March 22, 1965 J.C. Usry, Pvt 34 Reg't Miss Inf appears on an Oath of Allegiance to the United States sworn to at Memphis Tenn from March 15 to April 1 1865

Lauderdale Co., MS

Peter and wife Susanna Ussery of Newton County is mentioned Dec. 9, 1839, in a deed to a tract of land sold to Alfred Bayles.

Leflore Co., MS


Ussery, George 8 Dec 1899 White Registered: Leflore MS

Leake Co., MS


Usry, Will W. born 21 Apr 1894 White born in Walnut Grove MS- registered in Leake MS

Genealogical Abstract from "The Carthagian, Leake Co., MS 1872-1900", by Regina Hines Ellison, CGRS:
Dec. 15, 1893- Land Office Notice:- John Usry, Hd. No. 18634, NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 Section 24, Twp 9N Range 8. Witnesses: ___E. Ware of Standing Pine, ---B. Sullivan, J.E. Golden and G.S. Ellis of Walnut Grove.

Lowndes Co., MS


Ussery, Albert born:1 Mar 1890 Black- born in Lowndes Co. MS - registered in Lowndes MS 
Ussery, Griggs born10 Mar 1889 White- born in Columbus MS- registered in Lowndes MS 
Ussery, John William  born 3 Apr 1874 White- born in  unknown - registered in Lowndes MS 
Ussey, Deel  born abt 1899 Black - born in unknown - registered in Lowndes Co.



1830: US Census- Samuel Ussery 1m20-30/2f 0-5/ 1f 20-30

1860 Lowndes Co Census:


This is John Ussery and wife Malinda McKinney. John is son of Peter and Amelia Jarvis Ussery.

1850 US Census Lowndes Co., MS Deeds

April 24, 1861: Lowndes Co MS Deed Records 32: 639- deed gift [from Samuel Ussery] to Emily C., daughter


USSERY,MARY H. mar. WEST,JAMES M.     02/12/1856  
    USSERY,MARTHA mar. WEBB,RUFFIN 02/07/1856  
  USSERY,JESSE marr.  WELLS,FRANCES M. 14/03/1854  
  USSERY,JOHN M. marr.  MURPHY,JULIA E. 22/08/1865 
  USSERY,SAMUEL M. marr.  DARDEN,SARAH JANE 29/01/1867 (2nd marriage)
  USSERY,WILLIAM M. marr.  McCOWN,MINERVA J. 02/10/1850  
  USSERY, C. V.  marr.  LAWRENCE, LIDA 14/04/1892  [Son of Samuel Masters Ussery]
R. O. ANDREWS mar. SALLIE [Mrs] USSERY 24 Nov 1900   
ANDREW R. EGGER mar. MARTHA P. USSERY 03 Jan 1875   
M. M. HARRIS mar.  SALLIE J. USSERY 18 Nov 1883   
S. W. LAWRENCE mar.  DOLLIE USSERY 15 Nov 1893   
D. M. MAYFIELD mar. ANNIE USSERY 15 Oct 1874   
JAMES W. RIGGAN mar. ANNIS M. USSERY 12 Nov 1851  
Ussery SCOTT  mar. MARIA	McDANIEL 03 Jul  1868 	
DAN USSERY mar. SALLIE	HICKS 27 Dec 1871 	
ED USSERY mar. NANCY BRINKER 12 Sep 1869 	
SELLMAN USSERY mar.  LIZZIE [Mrs] BARRY 01 Nov 1888   
ED WELLS mar. KATE USSERY 6 Dec 1894

"The Commercial Dispatch" Columbus, Miss April 20 1978..GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY by Betty Wood Thomas certified Genealogist

Samuel Ussery was in the 1830 census with a wife and two daughters under the age of 10 years. By the time of the 1850 census Samuel owned 580 acres of land valued at $3400. In 1860 he owned $12000 in real property and $45,000 in personal property. According to the 1850 census, he owned one horse, three mules, 18 head of cattle, two oxen, 14 sheep and 40 hogs. The value of his livestock was &614. He raised 1,000 bushes of Indian corn,,100 bushes of oats, 20 bushels of beans and peas, and 200 bushes of sweet potatoes. He ginned 14 bales of cotton and produced 150 pounds of butter.

Per Oct 6 1994 letter from Rubye Agnes Robertson:

Samuel Ussery was given by his wife's father, Robert Shotwell, "Cherokee" Plantation, which is about 5 air miles west of our family home here.

Marshall Co., MS


Monroe Co., MS

1820 US Census
Richard Ussery

1830 US Census
John Ussery

1840 US Census
John Ussery

Robert Shotwell, father of Mary Shotwell Ussery.

1860 US Census
Page 459 Western Div.
L.M. Ursery30 mAL
Lou Ursery19 fAL
Caroline Bishop50 fAL
Charles Bishop16 mAL

1870 US Census

Page 150 Twp 16/494-604
5 m w
Usery, Ransom40 m wfarmerTN
Usery, Nancy35 f wAL
Usery, Robert12 m wAL
Usery, Jesse10 m wAL
Usery, Margarett7 f wAL
Usery, LeeAL
Usery, Martha9/12 f wAL


Ursry, Sam30 m wfarm laborAL
Ursry, Josephine31 f wAL
Ursry, Walton7 m wMS
Ursry, John3 m wMS
Ursry, James1 m wMS
Usry, David23farm laborGA
Usry, Elizabeth20GA
Usry, Mary1GA

Probate Records:

Index to Estate Papers, Monroe County:
Jackson Ussery page 94
Molly Ussery page 94
Peter Ussery page 94
Rebecca Ussery page 94
Richard Ussery page 94

Orphans Court Inventory, 1821-1830: Letters of Administration, Estate of Richard Ussery. William Armstrong given full power to administer. July 28, 1823.

Book 1, page 6: Ordered by the Court that William Armstrong, administrator of the estate of RICHARD USSERY be allowed the sum of $79 commissions on the appraised value of the said estate. Orphans Court Oct. 4, 1825.

(Jan 17, 1827: Giles Co., TN- Petition by Peter, Milly and Rebecca Ussery to have Richard Armstrong of Marion County, AL named their guardian)

Page 21, April 3, 1828: Ordered that Richard Armstrong, adm of the estate of Richard Ussery, decd. make publication according to the statute in such case, and full settlement of said estate at the next term of this court.

Probate Court, estate papers July 1 1828, pack 71: Minor heirs of Richard Ussery, deceased, named as : Peter, Milly, Rebecca, and Jackson. Administrator of estate, Richard Armstrong of Marion County, AL. It is stated that Richard Ussery came to Monroe County, Miss from Giles County, TN.

Newspapers and Books
Clippings from the newspaper column "Monroe County and Her People" page 13, 238 "The first members of the Baptist Church of Christ at New Hope included Richard Ussery. In 1821 the congregation chose Richard Ussery to succeed Thomas Wellington as moderator. Samuel Ragsdale was the sheriff of Monroe county and his deputies were Samuel Ussery and Nathaniel Crockett.

A Brief History of Aberdeen and Monroe County, Miss. 1821 to 1900 by Bertie Shaw Rollins:
Tract book original entries Lands Sold in Monroe County, 1824 to 1847:

From "Records of Monroe, Lowndes, and Chickasaw Counties, Mississippi," by Elizabeth Jones, p. 80:

Package #202 - TOWRY, Joel was named guardian of Mary Ann Moore, William Moore, Altemera Moore and Nathan Moore, heirs of Alfred Moore. December 4, 1848. Receipt signed by William D. Moore for his share in estate. Final accounting, Sept. 1854: Nathan Moore and Altamera Cody, wife of John Washington Cody, late Altamera Moore.

Deed Records
Deed Book 27, page 553: Silas Randle to James M. Ussery, Oct 1, 1869 for $60 40 acres on Buttahatchie River

Deed Book 20, page 154, Dec. 18, 1858: Wilton Rabb party first part, Jesse G. Ussery, second part, James M. Ussery third part, deedoftrust, note for $1800.

Deed Book 22, page 445, Oct. 20, 1862: James W. McElroy to James M. Ussery for $2008, 240 acres.

Deed Book 3, page 25: John Ussery to Joseph McFarlin, July 18, 1831 for $200.."tract of land being situated and lying in the County of Monroe, west half of the southwest quarter of Sec 23 in Twp 12 Range 17 west in the District of Choctaw in the State of Mississippi, 80 acres, given to John Ussery by the United States of America." Personally appeared the within named John Ussery before me John McKinney, an acting Justice of the Peace for said county, and acknowledged that he assigned, scaled, and delivered the within deed on theday and year herein mentioned as his voluntary act; given under my hand and seal this 1st day of Nov 1830. "For and in consideration of $200 to my husband John Ussery in hand paid, hereby sign all my right, title, claim and interest that I have in and to the within deed, lot or half quarter section of land by right of dowery or otherwise to Joseph McFarlin. Witness my hand and seal this Nov 1, 1830 Malinda (McKinney) Ussery, recorded July 18, 1831

Deed Book 76, page 509; Martin W. Usry and wife Nancy A., from J.F. Plant, Oct. 28, 1914.

Deed Book 102, page 369; To John Usery from the United States of America, Land Patent; S 1/2 of SW 1/2 Section 17, Twp 16 south, Range 18 west; Martin Van Buren, 13 July 1841

Probate Court
Probate Minute Book 1, page 32: John Ussery appointed administrator of the estate of William Stewart, deceased and that John McKinney, Robert Woods and Richmond Hall be appointed appraisers of the Estate, July 24, 1825

Probate Court Minutes, page 31, July 24, 1826: Ordered by the Court that John Ussery, adm. of the estate of Wm. Stewart, have authority to sell such property as appraisers may require.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Quincy-Hamilton Road, 2 mi north of Dr. Bryan's house:
(Note: Other sources say this grave is at Sartor Cemetery 1/2 mile east of New Hope on S J Jones Farm)

Infant Ussery, born and died 9-2-1901; chld of P & C.J. Ussery

Newton Co., MS

Susannah Ussery is mentioned as the wife of Peter Ussery, Oct 15, 1835 - Columbus Land Office, Feb. 11, 1839 (see Noxubee, Winston and Lauderdale Counties)

Marriage Records:

Noxubee Co., MS

Court Records:

Peter Ussery mentioned Aug. 9, 1837, and notes made by Peter Ussery for $269.00, April 23, 1836

Marriage: James R. Ussery 55 to Miss Nellie Rodgers, 23 m. 20July 1947

Oktibbeha Co., MS

Marriages: Hoyt H. Green to Miss Mildred V. Usry m. 12 Feb 1950

Misc. Items by H.G. Gray (Usry Bul 68 pg 6)

From A History of Oktibbeha County, Miss., written partially by Thomas Eattle Carroll. Judy Carroll's wife was Gertrude Perkins, a daughter of Dr. J.B. Perkins, son of Joseph Perkins who married Mary Pauline Ussery, daughter of Peter Ussery of Giles Co., TN.

Excerpt: "A mile and a half east of Sessums? stands, Joseph Perkins in 1837 built a grist mill, horse operated, which served the immediate neighborhood."

Robinson's road from Huntsville, AL to Columbus, MS and throught the southeastern part of Oktibbeha County, and into Winston, and on to Jackson, MS. A descendant ofJoseph Perkins whomarried Mary Pauline Ussery in Giles Co., TN says that Joseph Perkins came over this road with Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812, like the country and after the war moved down.

About 1838 Joseph Perkins established the first tanning yeard in the county. It was not far from the grist mill. The Askew Crossings road passes north and south through the old site, and the right-of-way of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, Starkville branch runs through the northern end of it. Here Perkins bored a deep well, the first artesian wells in Oktibbeha County.

William Dixon Perkins was one of the founders of the Starkville Baptist church July 28, 1839.

As a trade center Agency, Mississippi rivalled, perhaps exceeded Starkville in the middle 50's. It did not equal the county seat in number of stores, but surpassed it in value of trade. Some of the store keepers were John Ussery Perkins; Dr. J.B. Perkins; Gordon Alston; Admiral Warr; and Perkins & James. Beat 5: The physicians in this beat during the period around 1858 were C.W. Jordan; Joseph B. Perkins; E.R. Burt and J.G. Carroll. Perkins was the sone of Joseph Perkins, above mentioned; he began his medical practice in 1852 and continued actively in practice; he moved to Starkville in 1892. He died there in 1899. Carroll came from Carrollton, AL in 1857 and practiced at Choctaw Agency community until 1894; then he moved to Starkville where he died in 1902. Part of this book was written by Judge Carroll before his death around 1924.

The records also show that Richard Ussery and John Ussery, sons of Peter Ussery, also served in Mississippi in the War of 1812. They all settled together, first in Monroe County, where Richard Ussery and Joseph Perkins are shown close together in the 1830? index. Joseph Perkins moved to Oktibbeha County before 1840.

Pontotec Co., MS


David E. Baugh to Margarett I. Ussery m. 13 Nov 1849. (This family can be found in 1870 census, Jefferson Co., AR, Washington Twp)

Land Deeds

Book 6 page 754: John and Millie Ussery of Pontotec County for $600 sold toJohn Wolfe SE 1/4 Sec., 29,Twp 7, Range 1 East and SW 1/4 Sec 28 Twp 7 Range 1 East: 8 Dec 1849

Quit Claim deed: W.R. Ussery to D.L. McDaniel, 4 Nov 1952

Prentiss Co., MS


Scott Co., MS


Usry, Henry Abner (Abbner) born 9 Jul 1885 White- registered in Scott MS 
Usry, Henry Franklin born in16 Mar 1889 White- born in Scott Co. MS-registered in Scott MS 
Usry, Jessie Willis born 27 Feb 1891 White-born in Scott Co. MS-registered in Scott MS 
Usry, John Earnest born in18 Aug 1900 White- registered in Scott MS 
Usry, Johnie Alfred born in 8 Nov 1898 White- registered in Scott MS 
Usry, Lenis Eduard (Lewis) born in 4 Mar 1887 White - born and registered in Scott Co. MS  
 Usry, Lewis Eduard (Lenis) born in 4 Mar 1887 White - born and registered in Scott Co. MS  
Usry, William Columbus born in 27 Feb 1876 White - registered in Scott MS 



Cemetery Records:

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemeter

1860 US Census, Scott Co., MS

Dist. No. 1, PO Hillsboro; 29 June 1860; page 53
JohnUsry33 m4000/3000GA
MahalaUsry31 fAL
MaryUsry13 fAL
OctaviaUsry9 fAL
WilliamUsry7 mAL
SarahUsry5 fMS
ElizabethUsry7/12 fMS

SmithMary60 fSC
MooreEnanety41 fSC
SmithNarsissus20 fMS
SmithMartha18 fMS

1870 US Census, Scott Co., MS

Beat No. 5, 108-108
SmithT.T.53 mwfarming300/570GA
SmithS.A. 45 fwSC
SmithH.S. 19 mwAL
SmithJ.T. 17 mwAL
SmithH.W. 16 fwAL
SmithT. 14 fwAL
SmithL. 11 fwAL
SmithSavannah 4 fwAL

SmithOlin 35 mwfarming300/570FL
SmithNancy 35 fwTN
SmithCharles 15 mwMS
SmithAlexander 13 mwMS
SmithMary 13 fwMS
SmithRufus 9 mwMS
Smith? 7 mwMS
SmithGeorge 6 mwMS
SmithFrances 2 fwMS
SmithJoseph 1 mwMS

UsryJB 40 mwfarmer480/540GA
UsryMahaly 40 fwAL
UsryWilliam 14 mwstudentMS
UsrySarah 13 fwstudentMS
UsryJohn 11 mwstudentMS
UsryElizabeth 8 fwMS
UsryAaron 7 mwMS
UsryHenry 5 mwMS
UsryHasty 4 fwMS
UsryDoctor? (Dexter?) 1 mwMS

1880 US Census, Scott Co., MS

UsryJohn wm 21 farmingMS -- --
UsrySaline wf 17 wifeMS -- --

UsryWilliam wm 24 farmingMS MS MS
UsryLouvici wf 18 wife; epilepsyTX -- --
UsryWilliam wm 3 sonMS MS TX
RichardMary wf 34 mother-in-lawMS -- --

SmithJeff wm 65 farmingGA -- GA-
SmithBarbara wf 55 wifeGA GA GA-
SmithSavannah wf 15 daughterMS GA GA-
SmithCarlee wm 11 sonMS GA GA-

UsryJohn Sr. wm 54farmingGA SC GA-
UsryAllen wm 18 sonMS GA AL
UsryHenry w m 16sonMS GA AL
UsryHasty wf 13 daugMS GA AL
UsryBen wm 10 sonMS GA AL
MassyOctavia wf 30 dauMS GA AL
MassyJohn w m 10grandsonMS AL MS
MassySarah wf 8 granddaughterMS AL MS
MassyLee w m 6grandsonMS AL MS
MassySallie wf 5 granddaughterMS AL MS
MassyMittie wf 3 granddaughterMS AL MS
MassyMary wf 10/12 granddaughterMS AL MS

PickardJohn wm 30 son-in-law, farmingMS AL MS
PickardMary wf 34 daughterMS AL MS
PickardLilie wf 9 granddaughterMS AL MS
PickardJohn wm 8 grandsonMS AL MS
PickardGeorgie wf 5 granddaughterMS AL MS
PickardSavannah wf 3 granddaughterMS AL MS

SmithGeorge wm 17 farmingMS FL TN
SmithAngeline wf 18 wifeMS __ __
PickardMary wf 74 ?GA __ __
PickardRebecca wf 38 daughterMS NC GA
PickardEliza wf 33 daughterMS NC GA

page 112, 23-23
Sims,Starling bm 72 farmingGA SC GA
Sims,Mary muf 52 wifeGA SC GA
Sims,Sam mum 20 sonMS GA GA
Sims,Avill mum 16 sonMS GA GA
WalsheLissa muf 25 daughterMS GA GA
Sims,Martha muf 23 daughterMS GA GA
WalsheWillie bm 10 grandsonMS __ GA
DillardMaggie bf 9 boarderMS MS MS

SmithJohn wm 64 farmerNC -- --
SmithMary wf 56 wifeAL -- --
SmithJohn Jr wm 26 sonAL NC AL
SmithFlorence wf 22 step-dauMS -- --
SmithJohn Jr No. 2 wm 5 grandsonMS MS MS

Tippah Co., MS

1870 U.S. Census, Tippah Co., MS

Range 2, Twp 3, 28 July 1870
UrseryT.J.45 mpotter 140/150NC
UrserySarrah40 fGA
UrseryWilliam15 mAL
UrseryM.J.14 fAL
UrseryJ.D.9 mMS
UrseryM.C.6 fMS
UrseryA.C.2 mMS

Marriages, Tippah Co.

J.D. Ussary to M.J. Robbins m. 23 Aug 1891

A. A. ESSARY mar. BELLE VOYLES 23 Oct 1895 J. A. ESSARY mar. MARY REED 17 Jul 1891 WILLIAM A. ESSARY mar. FRANCES J. HOWARD 12 Apr 1860

Tishomingo Co.

Land Records:

Vol. P-14, pg 172, to Shelby Ussery from the United States of America. Patent dated 6 Oct 1840, files 25 Oct 1927; assignee of Mayor Farris. North fraction of fractional Section 35, in Franctional Township 3, Range 11 East, 145 and 40/100 acres.

1837 State Census:

page 6: Shelby Ussery: 2 m 21-45; 2 m under 18; 1 f over 16; 1 f under 16; 6 total white; 5 acres under cultivation

1840 U.S. Census:

Shelby Usery 1 m 5-10; 2 m 15-20; 1 m 20-30 1 m 30-40; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 15-20 1 f 30-40 1 slave
G.M. Esery 1 m 15-20; 2 f 0-5; 1 f 20-30

1850 U.S. Census:

4th Dist, Northern Div, page 69:
ShelbyUssery41 mfarmer 5000KY
MaleethaUssery41 fTN
FranklinUssery7 mAL
CanzadaUssery8 fMS
WilliamUssery5 mMS
FountainUssery4 mMS
AmericanUssery4/12 fMS

Shelby Ussery Bible Records

Tunica Co.

1870 US Census,Tunica

Dist. 3. 232-235 Ussery, Joseph 25 m b

Probate Records, Tunica Co

Will of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Ussery , County Court, Hardeman County, TN , 6 Nov. 1899. Came R.W. Ussery by attorney and produced the last will and testament of E.A. Ussery, deceased, and dated 18 Sept 1899, attested by W.D. Galloway and W.N. Sparkman, and nominating R.W. Ussery as Executor.

Abstract of Will:
1. Pay Just debts
2. To daughter Matilda O. Cheshire 1/5 of my personal estate consisting of rents due me by R.W. Ussery for 1899 for the use of my plantations in Tunica Co., MS; to Junius and Gertrude Williams and Della Norment, the three children of my deceased daughter Johnnie Williams, 1/5 of all my personal estate; to Ethel and Bessie Cheshire, children of my deceased daughter Bettie Cheshire, 1/5; to Ella McCommons, child of my deceased daughter Ella Cheshire, 1/5; to Sallie R. Ussery, wife of my son R.W. Ussery, 1/5; all other personal property to my granddaughter , Ella McCommons. To my daughter Mrs. Matilda O. Cheshire, 1/5 of the property in Tunica (fractional part of Section 11, Twp 6, Range 11, 349 ac and W 1/2 Sec 19,Twp 5,Range 11, and all of Sec. 24, Twp 5, Range 12); 1/5 to Junius and Gertrude Williams and Della Norment , 3 children of deceased daughter Johnnie Williams; to Ethel and Bessie Cheshire ; children of deceased daughter BettieCheshire, 1/5; to Ella McCommon, daughter of deceased daughter Ella Cheshire, 1/5. Recorded by Clerk, Tunica County, 18 Dec. 1899

Chancery Court: Estate of Ralph W. Ussery deceased. No. 959; attorney, J.D. Magruder; Mrs. Sue Ussery, admr. Copy of proceedings from Shelby Co., TN filed Aug. 19, 1929.

Union County

Warren County

Aug 6, 1810 William Ussery and Mary Burnett Aug. 14, 1814 John Ussery and P---- Hampton

General Land Office -- Automated Records Project, Mississippi

Patentee Last Name: USERY, JOHN; Land Office: MT SALUS; Document Number: 9272; Survey Date: 1840/02/10; Base Line: HUNTSVILLE; Patentee Last Name: USSERY, MARTIN; Land Office: WASHINGTON; Document Number: 773; Survey Date: 1828/08/20; Base Line: WASHINGTON

Patentee Last Name: USSERY, JOHN; Land Office: COLUMBUS; Document Number: 96; Survey Date: 1841/02/01; Base Line: HUNTSVILLE;

Patentee Last Name: USSERY, SAMUEL; Land Office: COLUMBUS; Document Number: 147; Survey Date: 1841/02/01; Base Line: HUNTSVILLE;

Patentee Last Name: USSERY, SAMUEL; Land Office: COLUMBUS; Document Number: 254 ; Survey Date: 1841/02/01; Base Line: HUNTSVILLE

Patentee Last Name: USSERY, JOHN; Land Office: JACKSON; Document Number: 1647; Survey Date: 1826/05/01; Base Line: HUNTSVILLE

Yalabusha Co.


Usry, Willie S.  born 13 Nov 1884 White- born in Coffeeville MS -registered in  Yalobusha MS
 Ussery, John Frank born in 26 Jan 1899 White- born in unknown- registered in Yalobusha MS 
Ussery, William Robert born in 8 Oct 1894 White- born in Water Valley MS- registered in Calhoun MS 


Usry Bul #47 pg 1:

Anthony W.P. Ussery
In a letter dated Sept. 16, 1972, at Memphis, TN, Mr. H.C. Gray wrote that he found the following in Yalabusha Co., MS, Water Valley:

From book: "Certified Original Entries: Yalabusha Co., MS: Jan 28, 1834 8 1/4 acres to Anthony W.P. Ussery".

About 1871 or so, it appears that Benjamin Franklin Ussery and his family moved from Tennessee to Yalbusha County, Mississippi, and located about five miles southeast of Water Valley. B.F. farmed and operated a pottery where he made pots, churns, etc. It has been said that Benjamin marked his pots with his name.

1880 US Census:

497 498
UsseryBenjamin F.wm52farmerNCNCNC
UsseryHarriet M.wf28daughterAla.NCNC

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