Texas Probate Index

  Name               Additional     Info      Date     Filed      Year      County        
Usry, James A.  deceased                              Apr 07 1922    Williamson 
Ussery, A.M.                 NCM, (no papers) ___ __ ____          Guadalupe 
Ussery, A.M.                 NCM                           Dec 03 1901 Guadalupe 
Ussery, Abner      deceased                            Aug 10 1854 Guadalupe 
Ussery, Frank and Kid            minors              Oct 31 1874 Robertson 
Ussery, James E. deceased                           Sep 23 1856 Guadalupe 
Ussery, Laura Ann deceased,           (no papers) ___ __ ____ Guadalupe 
Ussery, Mary Ann minor                                  Nov 27 1854 Guadalupe 

Angelina County, Texas

Marriage Records:

Sam Usery to Miss Bessie Davis mar. 12 Jan 1909
Milton Usry to Miss Lucile Weaver m. 26 Dec. 1922
J.A. Due to Mrs. Anna Ussery mar. 1 Aug 1938

Birth Records

Mary Alice Ussery, white b. Dec. 5, 1934 to Alonzo Milton and Anna Hale Ussery.

Archer County, Texas


G.H. Mason to Miss Lucile Ussery mar. 5 March 1927

Atacosa County, Texas


Erstel Bernard Ussery died 8 January 1954, Pleasonton

Bastrop County, Texas


Rev. J.N. Ussery to Mrs. Helen Davis mar. 29 June 1942.

Baylor County, Texas


Arthur L. Ussery to Miss Lois Faye Cumbra mar. 18 Sept. 1945

Bee County, Texas


Monroe Ussery to Miss Zoe Clemens mar. 23 Sept. 1896
Bill Ussery to Mrs. Senthia Martin mar. 14 Oct 1944.

Land Index; Bee County

To Mrs. Amanda Ussery from J.M. Martin, $2902.02, Sept. 14, 1881, for 1470 acres in Bee County...patented to Franklin Lewis.

To Mrs. Amanda Ussery from S.H. Ussery, $200, Oct. 27, 1887

Bell County, Texas


Belle McDonald Fletcher, died Oct. 10, 1971, Temple, Texas. Daughter of B.F. McDonald and Emily Frances Jackson. Granddaughter of Angus Alelandee McDonald and Annice Ussery.

BARTLETT CEMETERY:[ This Cemetery is very close to Williamson Co. line. See Williamson County Records]

Usry, Adolphus  
Usry, Martha
 Usry, Eva Nettie 
 Usry, Leslie Leroy  
Usry, Wm. Forney son of  J.D./M.C.  


Clifford USRY s/o H. P. 1907 - 1908
Irvin E. USRY s/o T. W. b/d - 1910

Birth Index, Bell County


Land Records, Bell County

27-552: Sept. 15, 1877: S.M. Essary of Bell County Texas for one hose valued at $75 delivered by R.H. Taylor, have sold to Mrs. Mary E. Taylor the undivided 1/3 of 640 acres surveyed for John Esary by virture of certificate No. 6 issued by the District Court of Wood County, Texas, Feb. 6, 1857, situated about 16 miles west of Belton....

36-227: Sept. 16, 1878: William Watson of Bell County for $237 paid by W.F. Usery of Bell County....

36-228: Sept. 16, 1878: Bell County, TX: I, W.F. Ussery, joined by my wife S. F. Ussery(Sarah Fowler Clopton), of Bell County, Texas, for $500 paid by F.M. Ashcraft, sold 3 tracts of land, portions of the M. Morene eleven grant, conveyed to me by Wm. Watson by title bond dated Sept. 16, 1878, ....signed: W.F. Ussery and S.F. Ussery.

46-344: Bell County, Texas: Whereas on July 20, 1881, F.M. Ashcraft executed to W.F. Ussery, two promissory notes for $125 each, payable Nov. 1, 1882 and Nov 1, 1885, at 10% notes transferred to A.D. Potts...notes paid.

47-385: Bell County, Texas: W.F. Ussery, and S.F. Ussery of the County of Randolph and State of Alabama, for $500 paid by John N. Hill, sold tract a part of M.morene league grant, conveyed by F.M. Ashcraft and S.F. Ashcraft on 20 July, 1881. W.F. Ussery; S.F. Ussery

68-406: No. 385: In the name of the State of Texas, to all whome these presents come, know ye that I, L.S. Ross, Governor of the State aforesaid, by virture of the power vested in me by Law and in accordance with the Laws of said State in such cases made and provided for in these presents, granted to W.L. Essary, assignee of S.M. Kuykendall his heirs and assigns forever, one hundred and sixty (160) acres of land situated and described as follows: In Bell County on the waters of Saladae Creek about 15 miles S. 56 W. from Belton. By virtue of an affidavit made by P.O. O'Keefe assignee of said Kuykendall before the Clerk of the District Court, Oct. 2, 1876....15 Feb. 1889. W.W. Upshaw, CC Bell County by A.H. Davis, Dep.

1880 U.S. Census, Bell County

Dist. 302-318
W.F. Urseryw m 28 farmerAL NC NC
Ursery, Susan (Fowler Clopton)w f 20 wifeAL GA AL
Ursery, Ofeliaw f 1 dauTex AL AL

Dist 15-15
Ussery, E.w m 29 at homeTX AL TN
Ussery, Julia E.w f 24 wifeAR TN TN
Ussery, Edwardw m 5 sonTX TX AR
Ussery, Johnw m 3 sonTX TX AR
Ussery, Robt. E. Lee9/12 sonTX TX AR

Dist 60-62
Essary, Andreww m 53TX
Essary, Nancyw f 45 wifeTX
Essary, Amandaw f 15 dauTX TX TX
Essary, Lonzow m 13 sonTX TX TX
Essary, Mary?w f 11 dauTX TX TX
Essary, Josephw m 7TX TX TX

Dist 61-64
Essary, Joseph w m 44MS

Bexar County, Texas


Burrell Rushing Ussery to Ida Mae Satterwhite mar. 21 July 1915
Willie Hodges col. to Myrtle Ussery, col. mar. 11 May 1917
James Avery, col. to Daisy Usury, col. mar. 24 Sept 1919
Frank J. Ussery col., to Mattie Griffin, col. mar. 25 Mar 1918
Frank Ussery col. to Mildred Case, col., mar 4 Jun 1938
Frank J. Ussery, col. to Evelyn Lena Johnson, col., mar 30 Nov 1943
Frank W. Ussery, Jr., to Mary Agnes Scruggs mar. 1 Sept 1949
Bobbie Joe Urssery, col. to Hazel Bell Gentry, col, m. 24 May 1940
Leon Jonathan Ursery, Jr. col. to Gloria Eleanor Jefferson, col., mar. 26 Aug 1950
Ralph J. Scheenberger to Vivian Faye Ussery mar. 17 Sept 1946
Voolas? Stubbs Jr to Nelie Odessa Ussery mar. 8 Jan 1949
Emil Geral Rolf? to Barbara Ann Usry m. 9 Dec. 1950
Maize Mendoza Rodriquez to Betty Joyce Ussery mar. 18 May 1953
Clyde Alexander Clack, col. to Aurelia Evelyn Ussery, col. mar. 17 Aug. 1953
Melvin David Cooper, col. to Anna Lee Ussery, col. mar.8 Jan 1955
Henry Barnard Angeli to Clyda Anelva Ussery mar. 12 Aug 1955
Edward Lee Armstrong,col., to Dorothy May Ussery, col. mar. 21 June 1956
Douglas White, col. to Maurine Ussery, col. mar. 29 Sept 1956 

Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery

Irvin C. Ussery b. Jun. 22, 1899 d. Sep. 18, 1955
William Thomas Ussery b. Sep. 23, 1905 d. Aug. 4, 1978

Blanco County, Texas


Lee Ussery to Margaret Nell Ellebracht mar. 24 May 1952
John Prince Stanley, Jr., to Lucille Lenora Ussery mar. 18 Sept. 1931

Birth Records

Lee Ussery, Jr. born 10 Mar 1954 parents: Lee Ussery w. 21 b Texas; Margaret Nel Ellebract, 18 b. TX

Bowie County, Texas


A.G. Chasteen to Oleta Usrey m. 1936
Robert Wayne Usrey to Mary Ruth Smith m. 1961
Frank Walker to Carolyn Ussery m. 1950
J.F. Usrey to Susie Hall m. 10 Jan 1891
Clinton Usrey to Miss Marguerite Blackburn mar. 24 Dec. 1915

Death Records

Evert Harrison Usrey died Nov. 9, 1954; male, white, single, farmer; heart attack, born Aug 19 1901, Bowie Co., TX. Parents: Frank Usrey b Louisiana and Susie Hall; College Hill lCemetery, DeKalb Co., TX, Nov. 10, 1954. Informant, Clint Usrey.

Clyde David Usrey, male, white, single, died 17 Aug 1961; retired farmer, born DeKalb Co., TX, 7 Oct 1900; age 60-10-10; parents: Frank Usrey and Susie Hall; cerebrial hemmhorage; burial College Hill Cemetery. Informant: R.C. Usrey.


Clyde D. Usrey, Texas Pvt Army Air Forces WWII Oct 7, 1900 Aug. 17, 1961
Evert H. Usrey Texas Pvt. HQ 10 Armored Div WWII Aug. 19, 1901-Nov 9, 1954

Birth Records

Morris Sheppart Ussery, 14 Mar 1922, mw; parents: Jim Walter Ussery and Ludie Leatrice Wright
Robert Wayne Usrey, mw, 28 June 1940; R.R. Ussery and S.J. Davis
Paul Melvin Ussery mw 12 Oct 1915; James Walter Ussery and Ludie Leatrice Write
Emma Christine Ussery f w 31 Jan 1918; J.W. Ussery and L.L. Wright
Robert Clinton Usrey m w, 23 Nov 1894; John Franklin Ussery and Susie Elizabeth Hall
Stephen William Ussery mw 25 Oct 1924; J.W Ussery and L.L Wright
Bradley Lee Usrey mw, 16 Jan 1956; Roy Reginal Usrey and Sarah Jasteen Davis
Debra Sue Usrey, fw 4 Feb 1961; Bucky J.L. Ussery and LaNell Langston
Timothy Wayne Usrey mw, 6 June 1962; Robert Wayne Ussery and Mary Ruth Smith
Sandra Beth Ussery, 24 Apr 1963; Bucky Jeroid Lee Ussery and LaNell Langston

Brazoria County, Texas


George Shelby Usery to Barbara Jean Poteet mar. 3 Oct 1959

Brazos County, Texas


William W. Roberts to Mrs. Lucinda Strauther (mn Ussery?) m. June 28, 1844 by William B. Smith, JP


Alice Jane Usrey b 26 Oct 1950 to Edward Lee Usrey w, student b. Mineola age 32 and Alice Lois Henderson w, age 26 b Fayetteville, Ark.

Brown County, Texas


J.H. Usey to Miss Beulah Alexander mar. Oct 10, 1923
Ardmore Ussery to Miss Frances Lane mar. Dec. 18, 1937
Lee Roy Ussery to Miss Moverine Coon mar. June 11, 1941
W.A. Creek to Mrs. Edyth Usery m. Dec. 6, 1914
Bernice O. McKinney to Miss Gladys Ussery mar. Nov 2, 1926
Walter D. Yancy to Miss Frances Ussery mar. Dec. 29, 1939

1880 US Census
Essary, Leviw m 52Tenn
Essary, E.w f 46Tenn
Essary, John Rw m 18 sonTX
Essary, Texannaw f 14 dauTX
Essary, S.E.?w f 12 dauTX
Essary, Jos. L?w m 9 sonTX
Essary, Williamw m 7 sonTX
Essary, Alice E.w f 3 dauTX
Thorpe, Nancy E w f 16 daughter?TX

Burleson County, Texas


B.J. Addison to Miss Pearl Ussery mar. 26 July 1936

Burnet County, Texas


O.E. Faubion to Miss Ida Ussery m. 25 Aug 1903
A.L. Ussery to Miss Winnie Hardin mar. 21 July 1907
E.H. Ussery to Miss Anna Belle Bridge mar. 25 Aug 1928


Baby Ussery b 19 May 1904, Marble Falls; father S.H. Ussery.
Lucile Lenora Ussery b 14 Jan 1911, Marble Falls: Arthur Ussery and Winnie Corrie Hardin
Lee Ussery b 26 Oct 1932; Eugene Ussery and Annabel Bridges


Arthur Lee Ussery died 19 May 1954; wm b 21 July 1886 Bell Co., Texas; age 67-9-28; paretns S.H. Ussery and Mattie Harrison;interred Marble Falles City Cemetery.

Mattie Doss Ussery d. 7 Jan 1950, f w widow, b. 29 Aug 1863,Williamson Co., TX; parents Daniel Harrison and Naney Robinson; interred Marble Falls Cemetery

Sam Houston Ussery died 2 Dec 1937; wm, married; b. 18 Oct 18565; husband of Mrs. Mattie Ussery; parents unknown; Marble Falls Cemetery.

1880 US Census, Burnet Co

Essary, Solomon N.w m 38MS MS TN
Essary, Nancy Jw f 26 wifeTX MS TX
Brownrigg, Auhamaw f 12 stepdauTX GA TX
Brownrigg, Juniusw m 10 stepsonTX GA TX
Brownrigg, Eddiew m 1 stepsonTX GA TX
Bond, Lewis C.w m 31 BL?TX MS TN
Essary, William L.w m 35MS TN TN
Essary, Marthaw f 32 wifeMS TN TN
Essary, James W.w m sonTX MS MS
Essary, John N.sonTX MS MS
Essary, Amos L.sonTX MS MS
Essary, Lydia A.dauTX MS MS

Caldwell County, Texas


James Welcome Ussery to A. Hensley m. 1 Jan 1874
John H. Ussery to Lucinda Craft mar 17? Feb 1881
J.B. Ursy to Mary Ella Wilson m. 8 Oct 1885
Sam Ussery to Melia New mar. 3 Mar 1888
T.W. Usry to Vina L. Vestal mar. 25 Feb. 1900
A.M. Ussery to Bettie Ketchum mar. 8 Apr. 1885 (Son of Mastain)
Maston Ussery to Willie Myrtle Key m. 9 Feb 1908 (Son of John H. Ussery)
Bill Ussery to Leanor Ellison mar. 24 Dec 1908
Jesse Ussery to Henrietta Houston mar. 18 Jan 1915
Clarence Ussery to Maggie Whitley mar. 8 Jan 1924
Leon J. Ussery to EvaCorley mar. 30 Mar 1928
Phelan Ussery to Florida Barnett mar. 26 Jan 1934
Elmer Ussery to Edna Kelly mar 5 Oct 1935 (Son of Peter M. Ussery and Sara Harris.  Nephew of Burrell Ussery) 

William Ussery to Cora May Carley mar. 15 Dec. 1935
Harold Ussery to Erie Garner mar. 26 Nov 1940
Glen Houston Ussery to Evelyn Guest mar. 14 Dec 1940 (son of Van Marton and Olive Cochran Ussery.  Nephew of Abner Ussery, Sr )

Jessie Lee Ussery and Peggy Jean Huff mar 12 Oct 1941
Jessie Lee Ussery and Liddia Mae Hendrix mar. 6 Mar 1943
Rev. J.N. Ussery, Jr. to Rachel James mar. 5 June 1948
John N. Ussery to Rachel Elizabeth James mar. 11 Oct 1952
Crockett Lampkin to Ailsey Ursury mar. 23 Feb. 1867
Hugh (Hoy) Houston to Elizabeth Ussery m. 1 Jan 1874 ("Lizzie" Ussery dau. of Mastin and Sarah Jane Ussery)
J.L. Craft to Catherine M. "Kittie" Ussery m. 30 Aug 1883 (Kittie dau. of Mastin and Sarah Jane Ussery) 

Archileus "Chede" Craft and Martha "Mattie" Ussery mar. 29 Jan 1886
Thomas Asa Moody to Augusta Clementine "Gussie" Ussery mar. 5 Mar 1886
John Cleveland Oglesby to Abbie Irene Ussery mar. 25 Dec 1898 (sister to Burrel R. Ussery)
Henderson Hubbard to Minnie Ussery mar. 26 Dec 1905
Roy M. Grady to Lorena Ussery m. 29 Dec 1905 (sister of Abner Ussery, Sr.)
Sylvester Moore to Sarah Ussery mar. 18 Jan. 1906.
Wade Dillworth to Lula Ussery mar. 10 Mar 1913
John Nickens to Jessie Ussery mar. 16 Nov 1913 (sister of Burrel R. Ussery)
F.G. Merritt to Mrs. Mattie Ussery mar. 13 July 1920
Clarence Kolb to Wilma Ussery m. 9 Sept 1922 (dau to Peter M. and Ella Harris Ussery)
W.A. Greer to Nora Ussery m. 10 Feb 1923
Clifton B. Johnson to Sammie Ussery m. 31 May 1928
Henry Hodge to Frances Ussery m. 4 Sept 1930
George McKinney to Mary Ussery m. 6 Nov 1932
Teddie Hardeman to Lola Ussery m. 24 July 1936
Lee Moore to Mayme Ussery m. 2 Dec 1938
Ben Collins to Maurine Ussery mar. 3 Apr 1939
Frank Ramzinsky to Jean Ussery mar. 21 Sept 19940 (grddau of John H. Ussery)
Bennie Cecil Whitley to Bobbie Louise Ussery mar. 18 May 1945 (grddau of John H. Ussery)
Clarence Brown to Joe Nell Ussery m. 20 Jan 1943
August Kelly to Maurine Ussery 1949 (no return)
Monroe L. McHenry, Jr. to Lila Lee Ussery m. 24 Aug 1949 (grddau of John H. Ussery)
Alton Lee Watts to JoNell Ussery m. 2 Sept 1949
Walter Robert Forester to Dorothy Nell Ussery m 2 Aug 1952
Jerry Lee Tiller to Lila Lee Ussery m. 24 Oct 1952
Albert George Banks, Jr. to Betty Joyce Ussery m. 13 Feb. 1956


Walter Jackson Ussery, b 15 Mar 1898- son of John H. and Lucinda Ussery
L. (Lile?) Lee Ussery, b 21 Sept 1900-son of John H. and Lucinda Ussery
Oran Branyon Ussery b 26 Dec 1902- son of John H. and Lucinda Ussery
Julia Ann Ussery, b 1 Sept 1894- sister of Abner Ussery
Miram Bertle Usry b 16 Dec 1899
Abner Clide Ussery b 7 May 1907
Margie Wilma Ussery b 24 Jun 1904 - dau of Peter and Sarah Ussery


Sam Ussery, Jr. died 2 Oct 1924; male colored; gunshot wound in abdomen; parents Will Ussery and Koe Anna Ellison; Dickerson Cemetery.
Otis Ussery, infant, died 25 Apr 1926; parents Otis Ussery and Nora Cowey; Luling Cemetery
Dora Ussery, age 47, died 1 Oct 1926; parents Sam Ussery and Amelia New
Carean Ursery, negro, died 6 July 1905

Popps Cemetery

John Bell Usary July 15, 1860- June 30, 1935
Alice Jane Usary  Apr. 15, 1865 - July 8, 1934
Dorothy L. Usary Nov. 24 1909

Ussery Cemetery

Lile Lee Ussery Sept 21, 1900 to June 20, 1968 [son of John H. Ussery and Lucinda Craft]
Abner C. Ussery May 7, 1907 - July 11, 1967
Lucinda Wright Sept. 23, 1883 - Jan 6, 1967 [dau of John H. Ussery and Lucinda Craft]
Effie Lee Brady Wright Nov 16, 1924 - Sept 26, 1964
Robert Allen Brady Nov. 29, 1941 - Nov 30, 1941
Lucinda C. Ussery Mar. 22, 1861 - June 29 1932
John H. Ussery Aug 18, 1868 - Jan 2, 1912
Oran Branyon Ussery Dec 25, 1902  [son of John H. Ussery and Lucinda Craft]
Lola Beatrice Ussery Sept 8, 1908 - July 17, 1967
Johnnie Harold Ussery June 16, 1941 - June 18, 1941
Oran B. Ussery, Jr. Apr. 10, 1933 - Mar. 31, 1947
Pearce Wayne Ussery b & d Sept 23, 1948
Walter J. Ussery Mar. 13, 1898 - June 30, 1960 [son of John H. Ussery and Lucinda Craft]
Johnnie Earl Ussery Mar. 24, 1896 - Feb. 17, 1897 (son of John H.)
Willie Myrtle [Key] Ussery Sept 2, 1892 - Jan 2, 1962
John H. Ussery July 20, 1912 - Apr 11, 1918
Mastin Ussery Oct. 24, 1818 - Sept 6, 1883
Sara J. [Jane Martin] Ussery Oct 8, 1828 - May 30, 1910
Goldie M. Ussery July 9, 1906

1880 Census, Caldwell Co

Ussery, Mastinw m 62 farmerTN NC NC
Ussery, Sarah J. [Jane Martin]w f 52 wifeGA
Ussery, Abnerw m 19 sonTX TN GA
Ussery, Kittie (Catherine)w f 17 dauTX TN GA
Ussery, Gussie (Augusta Clementine)w f 14 dauTX TN GA
Ussery, Mattie (Martha)w f 12 dauTX TN GA
Pierce, Finkeyw f 12 adopted dauTX MS TN

Watson, Joulanb m 35KY
Watson, Lucendab f 40 wife GA
Watson, Millieb f 12 dauTX KY GA
Watson, Charlesb m 6 sonTX KY GA
Thompson, Lizzie b f 20 step-dau
Ussery, Lum b m 13 stepsonTX TX GA

Callahan County, Texas


R.L. Gilmore to Miss Lula Ussery m. 1 Jan 1913
J.A. Cross to Miss Juanita Usrey m. 12 July 1934

Camp County, Texas


J.O. Taylor to Miss Willie Ussury m. 25 Dec 1902
J.D. Ussery to Miss Rosie Jacobs m. 30 Nov 1919
J.D. Ussery to Mrs. Laura Powell m. 3 Nov 1926
J.D. Usery to Miss Lillie Bell Laird m. 25 Sept. 1932

1880 US Census, Camp Co.

Folton, W.G. w m 43 laborerNY NY NY
Ussery, Johnw m 29 millmanTN TN TN
Ussery, Molliew f 32 wifeTN TN TN
Rogers, Maj.b m 3 son of AnthonyTN VA MS
Ussery, Oscarw m 4 sonTX TN TN
Ussery, Floraw f 2 dauTX TN TN

Ussery, G.H.w m 37 millmanTN TN TN
Ussery, Maggiew f 19 wifeTX GA GA
Ussery, Oscarw m 7 sonTX TN GA
Ussery, Inns?w f 9 dauTX TN GA
Ussery, Louw f 4 dauTX TN GA

Cass County, Texas


Sept 2, 1854: Dr. A.L. Lander, convicted for the murder of Eli Ussery in Cass County last term, has escaped.
( Source:Miscellaneous Texas Newspaper Abstract - Deaths Vol 1 page 204)

1850 U.S. Census
Ussery, Eli
Location : 1st Precinct
Page # : 713
Precinct 1 pages 713-716:

7-8Ussery, Eli39mfarmerDenm.*
Wm C.Ussery17mTN
James A.Ussery15mTN

*Usry Bul #113, April 1970:Denmark--The 1850 US census for Cass County, Texas listing Eli Ussery from Denmark has caused some speculation as to whether Eli was really born in Denmark in Europe. There has been a theory that the Ussery name may have come originally from Denmark or some Scandinavian county, but this theory has not found much acceptance. Also, the theory contemplated a migration some hundreds of years ago, and not so recently as 1811, when Eli Ussery supposedly was born.

It has been pointed out that there was a town in western Madison Co., TN with the name of Denmark. However, the records for Madison county, as presently known, do not start until about 1840. This raises some doubt that Eli could have been born in Madison County as early as 1811.

Maps also show a town named Denmark in Bamberg Co., South Carolina which originally was in Barnwell county. The 1810 census for Barnwell county shows a Peter Ussery and the 1820 census shows Peter Ussery and Welcome Ussery. These Usserys are believed to have come from Montgomery county, NC. This raises the possibility that Eli Ussery was born in Barnwell Co., SC in or near the community of Denmark.

1850 US Census 24/28- Precint 1
Ursy, George45 m clerkTN
Ursy, Rebecca35 fNC
Ursy, Thomas A.17 mAL
Ursy, H.L.13 fMS
Ursy, A.E.10 fMS
Ursy, E.J.6 fMS
Ursy, R.D.3 mMS
Ursy, G.A.9/12 TX


E.M. Ussery to Mary J. Echols m. 14 Dec. 1854

1850 Mortality Schedule, Cass Co.

Elvis C. Ussery, male, age 8, born Missouri, died in August of fever.

Cherokee County, Texas


W.A. Usry to Miss Dora Martin m. 9 Apr 1893
Toby Curl to Hazel Usery m. 11 July 1918
Alfred L. Miller to Miss Jewell Usry m. 10 Jul 1919
Willis Holcomb to Miss Idell Usry m. 17 Dec 1921
R.W. Thompson to Mrs. Maxine Usry m. 12 Dec 1946
Wallace Earl Crane to Miss Peggy Joyce Usry mar. 24 Aug. 1950

Clay County, Texas


L.F. Gibson to Millie Ussery m. 5 Oct 1913


______Ussery, female whie b 29 July 1907 at Henrietta; parents: ____, deceased and Clara______.

Coleman County, Texas


E.G. Ussery to Miss N.P. Ussery m. 8 Aug 1899
E. Ussery to Miss Rhoda Watson m. 2 April 1905
Raymond Usry to Miss Thelma Waters m. 16 Sept 1927
Henry Ussery to Bernice Paschall lm. 6 Nov 1918

1880 US Census, Coleman Co

(Soundex 6-41-5-15)
Scott, John A.w m 25KY KY KY
Scott, Lucindaw f 23 wifeGA GA GA
Essary, Eugeniaw f 23GA GA GA
Essary, Jeptha1TX TX GA

Collin County, Texas


J.C. Usry to Mahaly A. Rustain mar. 23 Oct 1878
J.B. Ussery to Nora Garvin mar. 14 Sept. 1888
H.T. Ussery to Miss Maud Green m. lic 15 Aug 1902; no return
L.M. Usry to Miss Minery? Ward mar 20 Mar 1910
Jesse Ussery to Miss Blythe Snider mar. 16 Oct 1922
F.M. Honley to L.A. Usry mar. 26 Mar 1899
T.R. Morris (Morris?) to Mrs. M.A. Usry (Mahaly A. Rustain Usry) mar. 21 Oct. 1901
W.D. Usry to M.V. Castleberry mar. 27 Jan 1881
Thomas F. Usery to Mrs. Rebecca Walls mar. 28 Oct. 1901
Frank Burch Usry to Miss Minnie Akin mar. 5 Feb 1910
W.R. Ussery to Miss Addie Francis mar. 20 June 1917
N.H. Richardson to Miss Lou Ada Usry mar. 24 Jan 1895
J.R King to Miss Ella Ussery mar. 28 Dec. 1899
Zollie Cantrell to Miss Ora Ussery mar.31 Dec. 1901
J.J. Fitch to Mrs. M.J. Usry mar. 15 July 1902
S.W. Hackney to Miss Emmer Ursey mar. 20 Sept 1908
A.E. Houston to Mrs. Lydia Usry m. 2 May 1923
Donald Webster Usry to Miss Ruth Pauline Rogers mar. 30 Oct. 1933
Marvin Ray Usry to Miss Earlene Lewis mar. 20 Sept 1952
Thomas Fielder to Miss Mary Jo Usry mar. 31 May 1948
Paul Nathaniel Quillam to Miss Margaret Bonnie Usry mar. 1 Aug 1951
J. H. Marks to Miss Linnie Ursery mar. 20 April 1907 
Houston L. Smith to Miss Mollie Usry mar. 19 Aug 1909
Charles Ussery to Miss Mary Jane Dedrick mar 20 Apr 1929
Leland Usry to Miss Nancy Monk mar. 10 Oct 1940
Truman Weems to Mrs. Virginia Usry mar 26 Oct 1940
Bedford Strayhorn to Miss Ermye Clar Usry mar. 4 Sept. 1949


Oliver Usry June 28 1938 Ella B. Ussery Oct 2, 1911 Charles Joseph Ussery Mar 11, 1919
1880 US Census, Collin Co

Usry, J.C. (John Calvin)w m 46 farmerMS
Usry, Mahaly (Rustain)w f 28 wifeAR AR AR
Usry, J.B. (John Bolivar)w m 12 sonMS MS AR
Usry, R.M. (Robert Middleton)w m 9 sonMS MS AR
Usry, D.S (Dora Samantha)7 dauMS MS AR
Usry, Viola4 dau?TX MS AR
Usry, R.W. (Richard Wade)6 sonMS
Usry, Lou Ada5/12 Jan dauTX MS AR

As this is my line, I provided the full names of the children. However, not all of these children belong to Mahaly. John was married three times. Only Lou Ada belongs to Mahaly.

Collingsworth County, Texas


Ernest Clifton Usrey to Miss Ernestine Bailey mar. 1 July 1944
Malcolm Leon Belote to Miss Jawanna Beatrice Ussery mar. 22 May 1958
Charley Edgar McPherson to Mrs. Helen Louise Ussery mar. 12 Oct 1959

Colorado County, Texas


Dock Ussery, col to Helen Bosey col lic issued Nov. 3, 1906, filed Nov 19
Arthur Ussery, col to Callie Kin, col m. Feb 26, 1928
T.S. Harris to Mattie Ussery m. July 13, 1903
Robert Townsend, col. to Charity Usery, col m. Nov 24, 1923
Toni Johnson, col. to Willie Mae Ussery, col. m. Feb 23, 1930
Bennie Scott, Col to Ruby Ussery, col. m. July 18, 1932
Elton Ushery col to Jessie Mae Ward, col. m. June 30, 1946


Arthur Ushery died May 21, 1944


Millie Marie Ushery, f, negro b Mar 19, 1953; paretns: Elton Ushery and Jessie Mae Ward.
Jessie Lorine Ushery, col. b. Jan 26, 1955; parents: Elton Ushery and Jessie Mae Ward.

1880 US Census Colorado Co

Urshe, Williamb m 25TX
Urshe, Amandab f 25 wifeTX
Urshe, b m 8 sonTX
Urshe, b m 5 sonTX
Urshe, b f 3 dauTX

Land Records

141-1 Goldie and Walter Ussery (Mrs. Goldie M. Brant Ussery is wife of Walter Ussery) et al to Howard M. Bryant, filed 22 Jan 1949.

Comal County, Texas

Marriage Records

William T. Ussery to Miss Gladys Holdsenbach m. 31 Dec 1935

Comanche County, Texas


O.A. Ussery to Gladys Griffin m. 16 May 1922

1880 US Census

Essary, Joseph B.w m 26TX TN TN
Essary, Charlottyw f 28 wifeTX AL AL
Essary, Mary E.w f 5 dauTX TX TX
Essary, John A. H.w m 3 sonTX TX TX
Essary, William T.m w 2/12 sonTX TX TX

Concho County, Texas

Land Deeds

Elbert D. Usery et ux to Rufus L. Gray, deed, 1907

Cooke County, Texas

[Seeking information on Raymond Ussery whose ggrandfather is Emmett Ussery. Emmett was born in Cooke Co., TX and died in California. He was a brother to my grandfather. Please contact. marysuewh@aol.com Mary Sue ]

1880 US Census

Ussery, Charles C.w m 43 physicianMS KY TN
Ussery, Sarahw f 40TX TN TN
Ussery, Williamw m 22 physicianTX MS TN
Ussery, Jamesw m 15 farmerTX MS TN
Ussery, Emmettw m 13 farmerTX MS TN
Ussery, Maryw f 11TX MS TN
Ussery, Charles C.w m 9TX MS TN
Ussery, Johnw m 8TX MS TN
Ussery, Annaw f 5TX MS TN
Ussery, John C.w m 2TX MS TN

Reminescenses of the Boys in Gray

Gus Usrey, Dexter, Texas; born Tennessee; enlisted June 1862, Private Co. A, Harrell'l Regiment; battles of Prairie D'Ave and Mark's Hill.

Confederate Pension App. No. 39284. Wife was Mrs. L.C. Usrey, widow's app. 42432 [Laura Catherine Walker, wife of Augustus Usrey

Marriage Records

R. Pierce to Mrs. Eliza Ussery m. 7 Sept 1910
J.H. Green to Mrs. Susie Ussery m. 17 Jan 1911
J.M. Ussery to Miss Fannie M. Edmonston m. 17 July 1887
F.W. Spann to Miss Mary Ussery m. 12 Dec 1888
W.C. Holt to Miss Edna Usrey m. 31 Dec. 1916
Joe McLeod to Mrs. Grace Ussery m. 12 Feb 1918
G.M. Ussery to Mrs. A.A. Thomas m. 12 Sept 1897
E.T. Ussery to Miss Bertie M. Ball m. 2 June 1898
W.L. Ussery to Miss Almonic J. Edens m. 23 Nov 1898
G.M. Ussery to Mrs. S.B. Daughtery m. 17 Apr 1902
W.R. Ussery to Miss Susie Parker m. 12 July 1903
J.W. Cole to Miss Maude Ussery m. 25 Dec 1898
J.W. Flowers to Miss Maggie E. Usrey m. 9 Sept 1900
W.E. Daniell to Miss Belle Ussery m. 16 Dec 1900
James F. Ussury to Stella Mae Hughes m. 8 Nov 1926
Clyde Phillips to Bertha Usrey m. 21 Sept 1922
J.W. Atchison to Jacqueline Alois Usrey m. 4 July 1936
Gail Williams to Florene Usrey m. 24 Apr. 1947
J.T. Usery to Vera Dosier m. 27 May 1946
J.R. Ussery to Miss Myrta Jackson m. 17 Aug 1904
C.C. Ussery to Miss Susie Hall m. 21 Dec 1892
W.S. Ussery to Miss Daisey M. Dazier m. 20 Nov 1895
Frank Ussery to Mrs. Dora Scaggs m. 28 May 1896
A.O. Buch to Miss A.E. Ussery m. 5 Oct 1892
Ray Thornton Ussrey, 51 to Rosella M. Jopling, 39 m 5 July 1961
Gerald Rudolph Self to Rowena Wanell Usrey, 18 m. 18 July 1953
J.M. Ussery, 22 to Miss Fannie M. Edmonston 19, m. 16 July 1887?
John Glenn to Kezean Ussery? mar. 29 Nov 1876

Coryell County, Texas


A.O. Ussery to Melba Robertson m. 9 Dec 1926
Calvin Ussery to Miss Olena Foy Holton m 18 Jan 1925
Robert Scott to Ione Ussery m. 1 June 1918
Ernest Boynton to Lettie Ussery m. 26 Feb 1926
J.O. Reynolds to Minnie Ussery m. 15 Dec 1926
Oliver Hoggert to Miss Julia Ussery m. 17 Jan 1933
Bart Hodge Ballard to Miss Nora Lee Ussery m. 16 June 1934
Jack Ford m. Ruth Ussery m. 2 Sept 1938
Ed Ussery to Miss Sarah E. Box m. 25 Feb 1897
Robert Ussery to Miss Laura Loftland m 6 Nov 1898
John Ussery toViola Haggart m. 22 Feb 1903
Curtis E. Ussery 22, to Dorothy Joan Crows, 17 m 14 July 1947
Walter Edward Ussery 58 to Mrs. Pearl Jewell Russ 58 m. 14 Oct 1959
Virgil Jones 21 to Bertha Ussery 18 m. 8 Feb 1947

Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888

Ussery, John A.
Received Don. Cert 128 for 640 acres from Coryell Co. on 11 Feb 1860 for being in the Siege of Bexar. 320 acres in Coryell Cty were patented to him on 10 Mar 1874. Pat. 550 Vol 3 Abst 1053-GLO Fil Mil Don 1551, and on UB Cert 20/83 (of 128), 320 acres in Coryell Cty were patented to him on 22 Feb 1875. Pat 599 Vol. 3 Abst 1050 GLO File Mil Don 1589

Ussery, Merriwether Hurt
Received Don Cert 131 for 640 acres from Coryell Cty on 7 Mar 1861 for being in Siege of Bexar. No survey was made. Dource: D p 404.

Character Certificates in General Land Office of Texas edited by Gifford White
#2984 San Augustine September 1, 1835
#232 Marryweather Ussery native USA emigrated 1832 single

January 1, 1836-Teneha District (copy of org in file copied from holdings of the Texas State Archives----This is to certify that Merrywither Ussery joined my volunteer co. on the 17th day of Oct 1835 and joined the main army near Bexar on the 4th day of November and has faithfully discharged his duty and is hereby honorably discharged. John M. Bradly, Capt. by order ofEdward Burleson, Comdr in chief.

History of the Ruth Church of Christ written by J. I. Parham in the 1970's

"In those days, before the turn of the century, the members of the church of Christ in that area did not have a place to meet for worship. Finally arrangements were made with the Trustees of the Farmers Branch school to use the school building for this purpose. For the benefit of many in Coryell county and elsewhere, I would like to give the names of some of the ones that were responsible for the beginning of the Church of Christ in the Ruth Community. I am not depending on memory alone, for we have some records that were kept, without which we could not make much of a story. The records were kept by Juber and Viola Brown, a very prominent family in this particular community. The records relate the names of preachers who had preached at Ruth from the beginning. Having secured the Farmers Branch school building for a meeting place, the church began to grow. They met each first day of the week for worship and to commemorate the dath, burial and resurrection of our Lord. Following are the names of the ones, according to the records, that were there before the turn of the cnetury and had an active part in the development of the church.

First, I will name: John N. Brown, who had many descendants in Coryell County. And then Mistress Lucinda Medlin. She was known as 'Grandma Medlin'. Her knowledge of the Bible was excelled by none in her day. Others, were Mistress Newman, Mistress Betsy Todd, Alex and Mattie Pruitt, Will and Mary Pruitt, Ab and Ada Pruitt, Mr. and Mistress E. P. Denny, Miss Betty Todd, Miss Jo Brown, Miss Bertie Brown, Mr. and Mistress John Gates, Robert and Jenny Jackson, Miss Annie Medlin, Virgie Bird, Juber and Viola Brown, Richard Wicker, Tom and Fannie Woolard, Mistress (Grandma) Wicker, Mistress Sergent, Mr. and Mistress Silas Wood, Sillis Carroll, Mr and Mistress Tom Baldy, Mr. and Mistress Calvin Furgeson Tom and Rena Beal, Cora Beal, Mr. and Mistress Dick, Mr. C. M. Brown, Miss Janie Evans, Miss EllieBrown, Miss Clema Brown, Miss Mary Denny, Miss Mattie Denny, Mr. Ed Wood. There are others of course, of which we have no name. But these were the ones who were active in the development of the church of Christ in the Ruth community."

Preachers: "According to the record, the names of the preachers that have preached at Ruth are as follows: J. J. Moye, H. F. Oliver, A. R. Lawrence, T. R. Burnett, W. D. Black, J. N. Cowan, J. S. Hall, Ernest Christian, W. M. Carter, J. T. Bentley, W. A. Bentley, Kirby Bentley, Frank Coleman, D. F. Draper, U. R. Forrest, J. W. Kelley, W. T. Kidwell, A. J. McCarty, Dr. Truitt, Sam Smith, John Straton, J. M. Ussery, T. B. Clark, Joe Sprott, Brother McGann, John W. Hedge, Brother Tripp, Frank Cox, Brother Brandon, brother Courtner, Ira Grantham, D. J. Whitten, Mike M. Young, Sylis Howell, Flavil Colley, Fred Ross, Charlie Watkins, Alfonso Bezoni, Sylvester Graham and Bud Alford."

Dallas County, Texas

Confederate Pension

Widow Application No. 42364: Laura Ussery widow of Richard Bennett Ussery

Marriages Records: Usry Bul. 108

James Edward Stephens to Miss Eula Faye Ursery April 26, 1960
J.B. Redmond to Beula Usary Dec 24, 1902
Jim Morrison Hodges to Mrs. Cathryn Ruth Ushery Sept. 27, 1941
Ira L. Day to Miss Cecil Usrey Nov 22, 1941 ???????/
Charlie A. King to Mrs. Cecil Usrey May 2,  1943???????
Balser D. Hefner to Cecil Inez Usrey May 16, 1925????????
John Edward Terry to Clara Mae Usrey  Aug. 15, 1959
Thomas Floyd Gross to Clara Mae Usrey July 24, 1951?????
Robert Lee France, Jr., to Flora Lee Usrey Nov 27, 1933
W.G. Austin to Genevieve Usrey Aug 26, 1922
Robert Andrew Lee to Ima Novelle Usrey Aug 8, 1955
P.F. Shipley to Laura Usrey July 26, 1926
Walter F. Hintze to Lydia M. Usrey Dec 23, 1919
J.W. Canon to Mabel E. Usrey June 24, 1925
Man Show Wong? to Miss Mary Catherine Usrey Sept. 13, 1945
Lonnie Ray Haley to Mary Jane Usrey May 12, 1952
G.C.Elam to Vernella Usrey Feb 22, 1919
Floyd W. Davis to Bessie Lanesta Usry May 31, 1941
Elba Hardway Miller to Letha Mickvay Usry Oct 3, 1953
Ray L. Logan? to Ruby Faynel Usry Dec. 14, 1945
Arthur R. Hardin to Bonnie Bell Ussery Feb. 5, 1949.
Howard Sydney Sterling to Bonnie Louella Ussery??? July 20, 1960
Charles L. Brown to Donna Jean Ussery Apr. 5, 1957
Paul S. Way to Dorothy Jean Ussery May 27, 1946
A.J. Surber to Gertrude Ussery Feb. 15, 1895
Bailey Edward Swadley to Gladys May Ussery Sept. 23, 1943
Ernest Harold Daniel to Glenda Kay Ussery Aug. 31, 1955
E.F. Elmore to Juanita Ussery Nov. 14, 1946
P.K. Williams to Mattie Ussery Dec. 17, 1928
Reagan Roosevelt Smith to Nellie Ussery Mar. 31, 1954
Jessie Earl Jeffcoat to Priscilla Joan Ussery Sept. 2, 1953
Clarence I. Jacobs to Stella Ussery Feb. 14, 1934
Paul Wayne Cathey to Virginia Ussery Nov. 27, 1953
Alvie Usrey, Jr., to Barbara Ellen Leflor Oct. 11, 1958
Dennis W. Usrey to Lynn Valarie Davis May 28, 1938
Clyde Wilbur Usrey to Anna Rowena Waymire Apr. 1, 1958
David Charley Usrey to Mary Caroline Foster Aug. 1, 1950
Dewey Usrey to Audrey Lee Currons Nov. 30, 1926
H.A. Usrey to Urides Goodman Aug. 27, 1935
H.L. Usrey to Mary Frances Richardson Feb. 16, 1946
Harley Chester Usrey to Wanda Lee Vanscoy Dec. 28, 1960
Lloyd V. Usrey to Gladys Charles June 11, 1938
M.A. Usrey to Clarice Snyder July 2, 1925
Thomas William Usrey, Jr., to Elma Alaniz Aug 7, 1954
Charles A. Usry to Josephine Myer June 14, 1938
Daniel Webster Usry to Winifred Groves Weimer Oct. 27, 1920
H.M. Usry to Irene Rothell May 8, 1940
L.M. Usry to Maudie Fulton June 30, 1915
Dr. R. S. Usry to Birdie Inez Tucker May 24, 1917
Raleigh Sims Usry, Jr. to Miriam Bozeman Sept. 28, 1960
William Usry to Inez Stephenson July 19, 1924
B.L. Ussery, Jr., to Edith Louise Watkins June 10, 1948
Billy James Usrey to Mary Katherine Tillman May 20, 1950
C.C. Ussery to Bessie Cullum Oct 9, 1912
C.W. Ussery to Maurine Davis July 12, 1935
Ed Ussery to Alice Ball July 23, 1910
Eugene R. Ussery to Novlyn Katherine Mozley Sept. 4, 1947
G.H. Ussery to Merlen Eskue? Sept 17, 1945
H.J. Usser to Myrtle Hurt Dec 16, 1908
Henry Raymond Ussery to Elizabeth Audrey Tucker Sept. 25, 1935
L.C. Ussery to Jo Ann Richardson May 31, 1950
Leon Ussery to Hazel Perry Wilkins Apr 18, 1950
Perry Arthur Ussery to Christine Johnson July 28, 1947
Ray Allen Ussery to Billie Louise Lipsey Feb. 11, 1944
Richard Ussery to Laura A. Everets Dec 5, 1873
Ronnie Lee Ussery to Frances Louise Slaughter Aug 12, 1960
T.E. Ussery to Lillie Adkisson Dec. 22, 1922
Marion Pluma Hair, Jr. to Sharon Alice Cage Mar. 21, 1958 

Birth Records:

Cecil Inez Usry Feb. 4, 1908 fw to Wm. F. Usry and Nancy B. Hollis
Dewey Usry July 2, 1899 mw to Wm. F. Usry and Blondell Hollis
Earl Wayne Usry Aug. 21, 1934 mw to F.M. Usry and Jessie Barber
Lewis Washington Usrey June 12, 1881 mw to James H. Usrey and Naomi C. Davis
____ Ussery, Sept 10, 195 mw to J.H. Ussery and Myrtle Hurt
Henry Raymond Ussery Sept. 10, 1915 mw to J.H. Ussery and Myrtle Hurt
Alma Edith Ussery Aug. 19, 1908 fw to John Henry Ussery and Wanda Jane Smith

Geneve Marie Usry Sept 17, 1944 fw to Leland Usry and Nancy Monk

Email From: "Cynthia".... Subject: Usrey's of Dallas County Texas, Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 22:58:33 -0600

Reference the above:
Balser D. Hefner to Cecil Inez Usrey May 16, 1925 Ira L. Day to Miss Cecil Usrey Nov 22, 1941
Charlie A. King to Mrs. Cecil Usrey May 2, 1943

Cecil Inez Usrey was first married to Balser D. Hefner in 1925. They had 4 children, 3 girls and one boy. My mother was the middle girl. Balser and Cecil abandoned the children and the youngest child, the boy died of pneumonia and malnutrition. The three girls were adopted by various family members. Bessie, the eldest was adopted by the Hefner family and her name was changed to Beth. Her married name is Pohl I believe and if still living, lives in Oregon. Ruth, the youngest was adopted by ‘Aunt Mamie (Chitwood) I believe and was raised in Lake Charles, Lousiana. My mother was originally named Clara May (Mae?) but her named was changed at the age of about 3 to Gene Claire when she was adopted by Cecil’s brother, Mack Andrew, and his wife Clarice Louise Snyder Usrey. I knew Cecil as Cecil King. I believe she died in Oklahoma.

David Charley Usrey to Mary Caroline Foster Aug. 1, 1950
Dewey Usrey to Audrey Lee Currons Nov. 30, 1926
Dewey was Mack Andrew’s brother (My Uncle Dewey and Aunt Audrey) David Charley was Dewey’s son and a pediatrician in Garland, Texas for years. He has two daughters and a son. M.A. Usrey to Clarice Snyder July 2, 1925
My grandparents. Clarice never had any biological children.

Cecil Inez Usry Feb. 4, 1908 fw to Wm. F. Usry and Nancy B. Hollis
Dewey Usry July 2, 1899 mw to Wm. F. Usry and Blondell Hollis
These names are misspelled. They should be Usrey.
Mack Andrew Usrey was born August 3, 1901 in Union Parish, LA. (His father’s name was William Franklin).

Hope this helps some.? Sincerely, Cynthia Anderson

DeWitt County, Texas

Marriage Record:

O.G. Ussery to Nora Cowey Nov 4, 1925

Denton County, Texas

Marriage Records:

John McClain Ussery to Edith Estes Feb 12, 1900
Charles L. Ussery to Penter Wright Aug 7, 1904
Jesse V. "Doney" Ussery to Nellie F. Libether Sept 24, 1908
E.H. Glass to Mrs.  Forney Urser Feb 3, 1916
Audie Burdette Ussery  to Helen Faught Sept 27, 1922
Alvie Marie Ussery to Earnest Carter July 4, 1926
Raleigh Usry to Mary Rebecca Kilpatrick May 14, 1938
Norris Levy Usry to Miss Rose Mooneham Apr. 23, 1948
Ethel Lee Ussery to Milam Franklin Parker Nov. 6, 1948  (granddaughter to John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith
Raymond Richmond Ussery to Lois Marie Young Dec. 3, 1949 (son of James Harmon Ussery  and Omie Stubblefield 

Births - Denton Co., TX

Oscar William Ussery Mar. 18, 1873 to J.H. Ussery and Callie P. Robbins Mary Inez Ussery Oct 6, 1898 fw to O.W. Ussery and Sallie McConnell James Harmon Ussery Feb 25, 1895 mw to John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith Dolly Lenora Ussery Feb. 13, 1900 fw to Walter Taylor Ussery and Dora Lenora Uptergrove Audie Burdette Ussery Dec 5, 1901 mw to Walter Taylor Ussery and Dora Lenora Uptergrove Alice May Ussery Feb 6, 1906 fw to John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith Katie Adelaide Ussery Oct 1 1909 fw to John McClain Ussery and Estes Sylva Adeline Ussery June 16, 1915 fw to John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith

Dickens County, Texas

Birth Records- usry bul 109

Jack Buster Ussery mw My 2 1915 to Charles O'Conner Usser and Etta Mae Bates
Lois Odell Ussery f, Sept. 27, 1938 to Jack B. Ussery and Len Odell
____ Ussery, m May 15, 1928 to J.A. Ussery and Violet Haggert
Thomas Eugene Ussery mw Sept 10, 1943 to Norman Eugene Ussery and Ruby Phillips
Gary O'Conner Ussery Dec 28, 1947 to Harry W. Ussery and May Fern Lewis


HERMAN EUGENE USSERY: Funeral services for Herman Eugene Ussery, 50, were held Thursday, Dec. 4, at 2:30 p.m. in the Assembly of God Church. Rev. J.P. Eads, Paducah officiated, assisted by Rev. Vernon Hagar. Survivors include his wife and mother, Mrs. Etta Mae Ussery and ten daughters: Mrs. Maurice George, Mrs. Josephine Ridings, Mrs. Alice Ridings, Mrs. Inez Hamilton, Mrs. Lillie Cornelius, Mrs. Lela Mae Baker, Mrs. Juanita Baker, both of Spur, Mrs. Polly Cornelius, Mrs. Rose Pinkard, Spur and Miss Bobbie Ussery, Abilene. Two sons, Herman Ussery, Jr., and Tommy Ussery both of Houston. Two sisters, Mrs. Ada Mae Gregory, Spur and Mrs. Opal Bates, TN; brother, Jack Ussery, Ralls and Harvey Ussery, Kalgary. The Texas Spur, December 10, 1959

JACK USSERY: Services for Jack Ussery, 84, of Ralls were held at 11:00 a.m. Monday, January 24 at Adams Funeral Home in Ralls with the Rev. Randy Bartley, pastor of Ralls First Baptist church, officiating. Burial was in the Spur Memorial Cemetery under the direction of Adams Funeral Home of Ralls. Mr. Ussery died January 21, 2000 at Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock. He was born May 2, 1915 in Afton. He married Leva George on July 18, 1937 in Frankston, Texas. He owned Ussery Applicance Company and had worked for Cox Furniture. He had also worked for the Ralls School System in maintenance. He moved to Ralls in 1959 from Idalou. He had also lived in Hereford, Haskell, Canyon, and Spur. He was preceded in death by two granddaughters and one grandson and one great great grandson. Survivors include his wife, Leva Ussery of Ralls; one son, Charles Ussery of Oklahoma City, OK; five daughters, Jowanna Martin of Littlefield, Lois Hurni of Abilene, Helen Yarbrough of Canyon, Charlene Edwards of Paris, Texas, and Betty McCutchen of Ralls; 19 grandchildren, 42 great grandchildren, and five great great grandchildren. Source: The Texas Spur, Thursday, January 24, 2000, page nine

HARVEY WILLIAM USSERY: Funeral services were held Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Assembly of God Church for Harvey William Ussery, 46. Rev. M.C. Walters officiated. Mr. Ussery died at his home in Kalgary February 3. He was a farmer. A member of the Baptist Church, Mr. Ussery had been a resident of Kalgary community since 1949. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Ussery; his mother, Mrs. Etta Mae Ussery, Kalgary; one son, Gary Ussery, a daughter, Mrs. Carma Downing, Lubbock and two sisters; Mrs. Clyde Gregory, Spur and Mrs. Edgar Bates, Lewisburg, TN; one brother, J.B. Ussery, Ralls. Burial was in the Spur cemetery. The Texas Spur, February 10, 1966

Denley County, Texas

Marriage Records:

Lee Usrey to Bonnie Richardson Jan 20, 1929
Clovis Usrey to Ida Lee Looper Oct. 5, 1935
Dorman Usry to Mary Lou Swafford July 27, 1940
Burt Usry to Wanda Cavender Oct 26, 1940
jack Dunham Usry to Brenda Gay Putnam Apr 28, 1961
Robert Banister to La Verne Usrey
James Alfred Shields to Mary Reba Usrey June 13, 1946

Roll of Honor, WW I & II

Clovis Usrey
Dorman Usrey
Harold Usrey
Edward L. Usrey
T. Burt Usrey

Eastland County, Texas


William Reeves Ussery to Gertrude Blisard Dec 24, 1908
Pete Ussery to Lillie Pearl Chambers June 18, 1911
Clifton W. Ussery  to Osley McNeeley Dec 24, 1932
James Alvin Basham to Mary Susanna Ussery Jan 16, 1898
Mary Usry to Lewis I. Curtis Dec 20, 1908

Land Deed Index

Jan 14, 1898 - Mary E. Ussery to M. Puett, lot 3 Block 29
Dec 13, 1902 - From Z.L. Usry et ux to J.J. Davis
Sept 14, 1918 from Roy Bardwell to J.V. Ussery, J.P. Ussery, John Usserey, Mrs. M.E. Ussery, M.D. Ussery, Jr., Mary E. Ussery.

Rising Star Cemetery, Rising Star, TX

Usrey, Edwyn 1894 1925

Ector County, Texas


Wlter Jenkins to Ludie Ussery Nov. 3, 1943
J.V. Cummings to Mrs. Susie A. Ussery Apr 11, 1944

Odessa City Director 1961 Usrey, Lenora Usrey, Curtis A. (Carla S) Ussery, Claude C Ussery, Douglas A (Mozelle) Ussery, Laura (widow Robert)

El Paso County, Texas


Joe Ursery, 22 born Kansas Mar 13, 1899; African race - to Edna Mathis, 19, born Dallas, July 1901. Mar. licence March 30, 1921. L.C. Cox 21, b. Ft. Worth May 5, 1920 to Theresa Josephine Usreary, 20 born El Paso, Aug. 21, 1921 mar. Dec. 13, 1941 Wilsey J. Broussard, Ft. Bliss, 24, born Lafayette, La., May 5, 1919 to La Rue Ussery, 28, born Corbin, TX Nov 25, 1916. Mar June 19, 1943 Lewis K. Ussery, Hereford, Ariz, 24, born Norwood, MO, Aug. 10, 1923 mar. Margaret Olson, 18 born Cloudcroft, N.H., Aug. 8, 1929 married Sept. 8, 1947


Ft. Bliss National Cemetery
Migdalia Usery b. May. 20, 1925 d. Nov. 23, 1985 Plot: K, 0, 587

El Paso City Directory - 1960's

Usry, Mrs. Thelma
Ussery, James W. (Lena )
Ussery, Lewis K (Margaret E)
Ussery, Lona M
Ussery, Imogene

"Historical land Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry"

From Usry Bulletin 109
"J.G. Ussery, El Paso County, born Nov 22, 1855. Son of J.M. [James Monroe] Ussery, of English and German blood, born Louisianna about 1832; to Live Oak County, Texas 1851; died 1885 near Pettus, Bee County; made drive to Dodge City and Coffeyville Kansas; m/1 Mary Harmon; three children: 1. J.G., 2. Pimey (m. J.D. Moore, 3. S.H.; m/2 Amanda Robinson, 4 children: 1. and 2. Mat and Monroe, 3. Pearl (m. Mat Malone.)"

[These are the corrections and additions to what is written above:
Children of
James Monroe Ussery and Mary Harmon:

  1. John Green Ussery
  2. Jimmi Emeline Ussery b. 1858
  3. Silas Harmon Ussery b. 1862

Children of James Monroe Ussery and Amanda Robinson

  1. James Monroe Ussery, Jr. b: Feb 25, 1874
  2. Matthew Ussery b: Feb 25, 1874
  3. Reagan Ussery b: Feb 25, 1874 d: Oct 23, 1874
  4. Myrtie Eunice Ussery b: Feb 5, 1877
  5. Pearl Ussery b: Aug 19, 1879

Ellis County, Texas


H.W.P. Usser to Lavada Hines Oct. 27, 1896
H.W.P. Ussry to Dallie Wilkins May 19, 1898
Daniel Urcey (col.) to Nancy Davis (col) Feb 17, 1903
M.G. Ussery to Lucy Beckham May 1, 1904
L. Lewis to Levida Urcer June 22, 1907
Kirby Ussery to Marie Choate Sept 19, 1936
Olie Tennery to Christeen Usrey Aug. 10, 1940
Henry L. Hamm to Doris Marion Ussery July 20, 1946
W.W. Butler to Eunice Ussery July 8, 1939
Henry Choate to Tera Fay Ussery Sept. 23, 1939
Henry Lee Hamm to Doris Ussery Jan 27, 1940

1880 U.S. Census, Ellis Co., TX Precinct 6, pg 546 10-52-19-8

Ussery, Lafayette wm 25 farming Tx Ala Ind Ussery, Alice wf 22 wife Tx Ill Ms Usser, William wm 4 son Tx Tx Tx Ussery, Mark wm 9/12 son Tx Tx Tx Anthony, Amanda wf 16 sister-in-law Ms Mo MS Smith, Sarah wf 45 Mother-in-law Al Ky NC

Land Records

Erath County, Texas


W.H. Reed to Mrs. Jennie Ursery Mar. 22, 1900


Jesse V. Ussery died 1925, aged 43-0-19; interred May 4, 1924; born March 14, 1882. Son of J.P. Ussery, (b. MO) and Ella Edwards (b. Iowa).

Falls County, Texas


Lafayette Ussery to Alice Smith Dec. 17, 1874
R.L. Ussery to Ella Roberts Sept. 4, 1897
Willie Ussery to Miss D.A.Snodgrass Sept. 14, 1893
J.R. Southwell to S.J. Ursery Dec. 15, 1877
M.C. Anthony to Amanda Ussery July 1, 1879
Milton Foster to Sallie Ussery Nov 4, 1883

Birth Index

Elwood Eugene Ussery, wm born 8-16-1900 to Willie Ussery and Alice Debra Snodgrass
Ada Belle Ussery, fw, born July 20, 1894, dau. of Willie Ussery and Alice Debra Snodgrass

Land Records, Falls Co.

Usry bul 110
A-405, the 25th day of April 1851. Elizabeth Ussery, formally the wife and consort of Samuel Frost, deceased, have this day sold and in these presents do sell and convey to Joel J. Frost a tract of land in said county, a part of the said Samuel Frost headright league of land as a colonist of Texas, for $200 to Joel J. Frost. Notary Public certified that he examed Elizabeth Ussery apart from her husband.

F-583 For $915 sold to Wain Ussery of said county by Joseph and Margaret Jackson, land beginning at a stake in the East line of a survey in the name of E. Cole for A.W. Cossus of the Survey; etc....Dec. 3, 1866

J-126 B.C. Jackson and wife M. Jackson and J. Gardner and Mary O. his wife, for $116.26 paid by Wain Ussery, sold to him land beginning at a rock near the East end of a hedg in said Wain Ussery's field, etc. Jan. 25, 1871

P-556 Jan. 12, 1881 - John R. Souchwell and wife S.J., for $2000 paid by M.L. Usseery of Falls County, a parcel of land in Falls County (Texas)

Z-360 Aug. 28, 1888- D.E. Ussery and wife J.E. of Lampasas County, and Ella Calhoun and husband J.D. Calhoun, of Lampasas County, and Amanda Knight and husband A.R. Knight of Bell County, heirs of W. Ussery, deceased, for $150 each, paid by S.H. Ussery of Lampasas County, sell their undivided interest in a parcel of land about 14 miles west of Marlin, being 60 acres out of the 200 acres tract belonging to the Estate of W. Ussery out of the Hendershot survey and being the land conveyed to W. Ussery by Joe Jackson and wife.

Z-362 Johanna Ussery of Lampasas County for $5 paid by S.H. Ussery of Lampasas County, sell an undivided 36 acres of land out of the Hendershot survey in Falls County, Texas.

6-608 Oct 5, 1891 Joanna Ussery, F.M. Ussery and M.J.C. Ussery, his wife, citizens of Lampasas County, for $1080 paid by M.L. Ussery, sell a part of the Henry Short survey

1870 Census Falls Co

pre 389-388

Ussery, William  44  mw  farmer  AL
Ussery, Dora  40  fw  ILL
Ussery, Ludwig  17  mw  TX
Ussr, Larer  16  mw  TX
Ussery, Simon  14  mw  TX
Ussery, Sara  12  fw  TX
Ussery, Francis  10  mw  TX
Ussery, Amanda  7  fw  TX
Ussery, Ellen  5  fw  TX
Ussery, John 2 mw  TX

1880 Falls Co Census


Ussery, Joanna wf 49  IL  IL  IL
Ussery, Mary E  wf  17 dau  TX  Al  IL
Ussery, Frank  wm  13 son  TX  Al  IL
Ussery, John  wm  11  son TX  Al  IL
Ussery, A. Wane T.  wm  8 son  TX  Al  IL

Fannin County, Texas

Land Index

R.T. Ussery vs. Wm. Jenkins, Jan. 20, 1868
R.T. Ussery of Wood County, May 7, 1862
Robert T. Ussery, Aug 1, 1862
J.G. Ussery and wife
G.R. Ussery


1880 US Census- Fannin


Ussery, Griffin  wm  45  farmer  GA  GA  GA
Ussery, Martha  wf  34  wife  GA  GA  GA
Ussery, Griffin wm  15  son GA  GA  GA
Ussery, Claud  wm  10  son  GA  GA  GA
Ussery, Charles  wm  7  son  GA  GA  GA

Fayette County, Texas


Ursher, Alex to Rachel Henderson Dec. 18, 1877
Ursher, William to Silvey Smith Jan. 3, 1881

Fisher County, Texas


Annie Lorene Ussery, b. 5-29-1908 to Elbert Gastein Ussery and Narah Pearl Ussery

Land Index

To E.G. Ussery from Annie Page, deed, Aug 5, 1906
To E.G. Ussery from Annie Page, Oct. 2, 1915

Foard County, Texas

Delayed Birth Record

Terral Co., Caralton, Arkansas: Lillie Pearl Usrey, female, b. Apr. 18, 1881; parents, W.M. Usrey, resident of Caralton, Ark., w, 29, born Tennessee, farmer; and Olive Grifith, Caralton, w. 23, born Boone County, Ark.

Freestone County, Texas


Nelson Walde Willard to Miss Jimmie Sue Usery June 6, 1952

Gaines County, Texas

To O.J. Ussery from Ed Price et ux, warranty deed 73-533?; filed 7-28-43, Russell Addition Seminole
To O.J. Ussery from McLindsey, warranty deed 10-23-46, Russell Addition Seminole

Goliad County, Texas


W.H. Ussery to Miss Fannie V. Cassells Dec. 4, 1890

Gonzales County, Texas


Kathleen Springs Transcriptions at Gonzales Archives Microfilm. This file contains 3 Jan 1885-26 Dec 1889

Entry: Ussery, Matt, Harwood col., Vol. 36 No. 15 Gonz.Inq. 27 Sep 1888


Birth Record

(Twins) Ussery, b. March 15 1930 to Otis G. and Nora Zelma Ussery

Homestead Patent, Gonzales Co.

Deed Book B, Patent Page 471 #244: "In the name of the Republic of Texas, to all lwhom these presents shall come, I Maribeau B. Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas, by virture of the power vested in me by land and in accordance with the Statutes of said Republic in such case made and provided, do by these presents grant to John Ussery, his heirs or offspring forever One League and one Labor of Land or 26000000 square vearras of land situated and described as follows: In Gonzales County between Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers about 35 miles above town of Gonzales on SE corner of survey #20 at a stake from which a post oak 10 inches in diameter bears L. 19W. 3 vearras thense E. 1824 vs to a stake from which a post oak bears S. 80 degrees W 80 vs. thense N by 3 va TT to a stake from which a post oak 12 inches diameter bears S 15 degree 8.4 vs, thense E 4157 vs to a stake from which a post oak 18 inches in diameter bears S 68 degrees E 20.8 vs., thense N 40 vs 2000 vs , to etc.... Done in the City of Austin, 19 May 1841

Grayson Co., TX


Land Deed Index

From J.G. Ussery to M.M. Ussery, approx. 1882



Gregg Co., TX

Birth Record

John Lee Ussery, wm, b. 12-6-1960 Gladewater. Parents: Billy Van Ussery, w, 32, born TX and Marilyn La Grace Williams, w, 25 born TX

Land Deed Record

J.S. Ussery et al to W.S. Welborne, Deed B & S dated Jan. 8, 1879, Book E 180 to 182: To A. Reinhart and W.J. Reinhart his wife, of the County of Hopkins, J.S. Ussery of the County of Woodard, W.D.. Bledsoe and M.C. Bledsoe wife of said W.D. Bledsoe, of the County of Gregg, for a consideration paid by W.S. Welborne,: sell land in Gregg County

R. Ussery from Tom Hensley, lease, 89-15, May 7, 1931, Ruddle.

Guadalupe Co., TX


Benjamine Ussery to Louisa Dorrety Oct 1, 1884
Abbey Ussery to Miss Alvenia Hubbert Oct 10, 1906
Dock Ussery to Edy Thomas Dec 24, 1886  affidavit by Geo (his mark) Ussery
Francis M. Appling to Frances Ann Ussery April 25, 1866
George W. Ussery to Josephine Harris Mar 18, 1891
Harry Ussery to Precilla Anderson, license issued 1893, no return
Thos. Haulkins to Ida May Ussery Sept 26, 1906
James M. Ussery  to Mary Harmon July 2, 1854
John N. Ussery to Sallie Davis Jan. 21, 1894
John Ussery to Ursilla Miller, Dec 23, 1900
Josephine Ussery to Bob Wright Oct 15, 1902
Hy Singletery to Mrs. Josephine Ussery Nov 18, 1914
Jess Abernathy to Mary Ann Ussery Aug 12, 1855  [dau of Abner Ussery and Olive Elizabeth Smith Ussery]
William Hodge and Lizzie Ussery Dec 6, 1900
Woodley Walker and Lottie Ussery June 18, 1913
William David Vance McLean married July 8, 1855 to Olive Elizabeth Ussery, widow of Abner Ussery 
P.M. Ussery to S.E. Harris Dec 3, 1900
J.F. Myers to Mrs. Sarah M. Ussery Oct. 2, 1855
Van Francis Ussery to Olive Ussery Cochran Dec. 1, 1912 (brother of Abner Ussery  
William B. Baker to Miss Willie Ussery Dec 11, 1921
Noris Ussery to Kizzie Walker Oct 21, 1916
Reubin Ussery to Mineola Garcia Dec 24, 1919
Jesse Cornelius Ussery to Irma Johnson Sept. 16, 1922
J.C. Ussery to Mable McIntyre Dec. 20, 1924
Abner Ussery to Willa Gaines May 24, 1925 [son of Abner M. Ussery and Elizabeth Maila Ketchum]
Abner Ussery and Mrs. Lena Brooks April 21, 1928   [son of Abner M. Ussery and Elizabeth Maila Ketchum]
Ed Jones to Mrs. Lizzie Ussery Nov. 1924
L.C. McClinton to Kittie Mae Ussery July 8, 1928
William Angelo Tilley to Edith Oliva Ussery Sept 5, 1931
Jessie Ussery to Alvina Corley Oct 7, 1934
Leo Ussery to Irene Saunders Dec 5, 1936
Abner Ussery to Constella McKinney Aug 11, 1937
Arthur Cox to Johnnie Ussery license 1937
G.D. Wachtendorf to Bobbie E. Ussery Apr 22, 1947
R.C. Spear to Mary Lois Ussery Sept 5, 1948
Charlie Brice Streety to Mary Lois Ussery Mar 10, 1950
George Lorenza Ussery to Sue Ella Thomas July 16, 1955
Benjamin Franklin Ussery to Velma L. Terrell Sept 17, 1955
Harold Ussery to Yvonne Smith Dec 29, 1956
Alvin Simon to Thelma Jean Usery June 30, 1951
Otis Butler Scott to Lola Lee Ussery Nov 1953
Bobbie R. Wasson to Robbie Ray Ussery Mar 15, 1954
Robert Henry Inman to Betty Jo Ussery Jan 15, 1955
Wayne Marshall Boulware to Lois Virginia Usry Mar 24, 1955
Freddie Lee Brietzke to Margaret Ann Ussery Jan 8, 1956
Andy Cunningham to Maurine Ussery Mar 8, 1956
Harry N. Qualls to Constance Bennett Ussery Sept 1956
Clarence Augustus Ussery Jr., to Mrs. Geraldine Butler Aug 1, 1959
James Ronald Ussery to Mrs. Zelda Beth Geel Feb 6, 1960
Marvin Monroe Ussery to Juanita Loraine Ellison Oct 21, 1961
George W. Smith to Lela Mae Ussery June 1, 1959
Louis Gonzales Jr. to Ida Mae Ussery July 27, 1961

Harris Co., TX

Houston National Cemetery

Charles S. Ussery b. Jul. 15, 1923 d. Sep. 11, 1980
Lachristrine Ussery b. Dec. 25, 1904 d. Sep. 7, 1981
Lawson C. Ussery b. Jan. 25, 1895 d. Feb. 3, 1976

Harrison Co., TX

May 24, 1840- Harrison Co., Vol 1, pg 17- Merewether [Hurt Ussery] married Elizabeth Reel at Greensboro, TX. 
23 Jan 1851 - William Inch and Elizabeth Usery (this is Elizabeth Reel) 26 Dec 1851 - Oliver H. Pearson and Ann Eliza Usery 10 Jan 1854 - James Stiles and Nancy S. Ussery 17 Dec 1857 - James W. Lunsford and Sarah Ann Ussery (dau. of John Ussery 11 Oct 1879 - S.W. Wells and Bettie Ursery

Court Records:

March 4, 1841- Texas State Archives- Meriwether (his mark) Ussery of Harrison County appointed David Ferguson his attorney to present a receipt to Republic of Texas to collect forty dollars. Deeds

October 1, 1872- HARRISON COUNTY- Deed B, pg 328 Survey #269 and field notes by virture of Cert #207 issued to Merriweather Ussery. Located 17 1/2 miles from Marshall on Lake Soda (Caddo Lake later)

1850 US Census
D. 363:
M.S. Essery [Mastain Stephens Ussery]48 M FarmVA
L. Essery [Lucinda Magby Turner Wallace]33 fKY
M.A. Essery 12 fTX
N.S. Essery [Nancy Stokes Ussery]11 fTX
M.S. Essery [Mastin Stephens Ussery]8 mTX
R.J. Essery [Rachel J. Ussery]6 fTX
L.S. Essery [Leona S. Ussery]4 fTX
E.T. Essery [Elisah Turner Ussery]1 mTX

See Mastin Stephens Ussery Family Info

February 10, 1838-GLO File Nacogdoches 1-909 translated by and received from Texas State Archives (also recorded in Harrison Co., Deed Bk C, pg 268) #207 Merewith H. Ussery appeared before the Board of Land Commissioners and proved his citizenship and authorized any lawful surveyor to survey 2/3 league and labor of land which he will designate, he being an emigrant of 1833. February 17, 1838 -Same file- he relinquished all right of this certificate to OT Boulware.

The following was provided by Mrs. Marjorie Young of Grand Prairie, TX .(Complete case was not copied but documents that answered questions are transcribed as accurately as possible)

Harrison C. Texas District Court File #2472
Filed June Court Term 1853

Petitioners were John McMills*, Nancy McMills, Sarah Ann Ursury (per record) vs. Thomas W. Clark and Mary E. Rains.

*See Divorce of Nancy and John McMills
(See Lincoln Co., TN 1850 Census to find this family prior to this court case.)

Witnesses summoned to give evidence were:

Hardy Strickland - issued Dec. 26, 1853. He spent 14 days and traveled 36 miles.
Maston Ursery - issued Jan. 26, 1854
O.T. Boulware - issued Feb. 2, 1854
William R. McAdams - issued Jan. 24, 1854. Six days, 40 miles.

John McMills et als vs. Thomas W. Clark, Adm.

District Court Fall Term A.D. 1853

The following is a statement of facts proven on the trial of the above suit: Hardy Strickland being sworn, stated, that Presley P. Rains told him that he had sold to JOHN URSURY one hundred acres of land, for which he had secured payment. That URSURY had built houses on it; and cleared a field, and died on it. That he proposed to buy the URSURY place from Rains; that Rains said he would like to have him for a neighbor, but that he could not sell him the land, for he had sold it to URSURY, and given a bond for title. Witness said that he did not know whether the land described in the petition was the some land that Rains he had sold to URSURY, That the spring is on the Alfred Reel head-right, That Rains was then living on the Alfred Reel head-right This was in the year 1839. That the JACK URSORY place which he proposed to buy of Rains was about 1/2 or 3/4 mile from where Rains then lived.

McAdams being next sworn, testified, that in March or April 1840 Jamison, at the request of Mrs. Rains showed him the ___ of the tract of one hundred acres, which Mrs. Rains said had been laid out by her husband and Jamison, for JACK URSURY, that he, the witness, examined the line? and found the tract in an oblong shape; that Jamison pointed out a grave; and showed him a live tree marked with the letters J.M. Mrs. Rains proposed to sell the land to the witness, in the presence of her mother, old Mrs. Ursury, who said to her, “Sarah Ann, you ought not to sell that land for you know that Jack Ursury bought it and paid for it in a yoke of oxen at one hundred dollars and Mr. Rains gave his bond for title to it.” Witness then proposed to buy the land but ___ that year from Rains, widow of P.P. Rains, and stated that a man by the name of Britt wanted it from Mrs. Rains, the next year. The witness further testified that Ben Kimberland’s houses are now three or four hundred yards east of where the Ursury houses were, in the same tract of land, known as the Ursury place; and that the Ursury place is on the William Little headright survey.

Stanfield, Kimberling, Boulware and Hall, being next sworn and the following description of land being read to them by the defendant’s counsel from the petition, to wit: “One hundred acres, bounded on the East by the land of Albert Jones, on the South by that of Thomas W. Clark; on the North by that of Benjamin Kimberland; and on the West by the lands of James King and Forest.: They each severally testified, that they knew the land thus described; that it is on the Alfred Reel headright; that there never has been any houses, improvements, nor clearing it; that the Ursury improvements are on the William Little survey from 1/2 to 3/4 off a mile from the defendant Clark’s house, which is the same place where Rains lived in 1839. Stanfield further testified, that Ursury showed him his clearing on his south boundary line in 1838 or 1839 and pointed to where there was a spring; he said it was on a point of land and that he could have the use of it. Witness said the spring was on the land described above, on the Alfred Reel survey. That Clark has been in the possession of land since 1840 and he (witness) considered that he had it in possession for the estate and heirs of Rains.

It was also in evidence, that at the time Mrs. Rains proposed to sell to McAdams, she was the widow and administratrix of P.P. Rains; _then?__ married Thomas W. Clark, who became administrator of Rains’ Estate, and also administrator of Jack Ursury’s estate, and still is so, of both estates. That the Pltf Nancy [Clark] is now the wife of Pltf John McMills, is the surviving wife of Jack Ussery, and the Pltf Sarah Ann is the only child said Ursury and the said Nancy and is about 14 or 15 years old.

(Editor's note: Nancy Clark first married John A. Ussery was Nancy Clark's second husband and they had Sara Ann b. abt. 1839; then Nancy married John McMills . Their children were John, William and Isaac).

We the counsel for the plaintiffs to the above suit, agree to foregoing statement of facts, and that the ___ contains all the facts proved at the trial, sign under our hands and seals this 7th February 1852.

Adams & Wilson for defendants
Winfall & Hill, attorneys for plaintiffs

Hopkins County, Texas


Jesse Yarborough and Miss Lydia Usry, married 16 Apr 1849 [or 1847]
C.C. Usry and Sary A.V. Gregg, married 23 Jan 1856


Harmony Methodist Church Cemetery, 6 miles north of Winnsboro:
John B. Ussery Dec 11, 1859 - Feb 14, 1954, Born in Illinois
Lenore V. Ussery Apr. 25, 1868 - Mar. 2, 1952 - Born in SC
Martha Elane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Ussery, Jan 16, 1939

Hunt County, Texas


Deed Book U-pg 169/7 170 Oct. 17, 1876
The State of Texas, Hunt Co.: I, Olivia J. Ussery, widow of the late
Mastin Ussery, dec'd, of the county & state above mentioned in consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars in cash paid and a buggy and 2 horses which did belong to my husband Mastin Ussery dec'd all to me paid by the heirs of the said dec'd that I have this day bargained and sold by these presence bargain, sell, convey, deliver interest and forever aquit myself of, exc...belong to said Mastin Ussery, dec'd, and unto the said heirs of the daid dec'd to wit: James and Nancy Stiles, Rachel & Sam Stiles, Mastin S. Ussery, Jack & LBS Parkison, E.T. Ussery, John & Lucinda Williamson, William Ussery and J.B. Ussery. [From Bill Wood brwood@flash.net ]


Mt.Zion Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

E. Turner Ussery 1849-1931
Mary E.Ussery 1857-1917 [mn Lawson]
Thomas M. Ussery, son of ET & ME Usery- June 21, 1876-Aug 7 1877
Infant son of ET & ME Ussery Oct 23, 1893-Oct 24, 1893
Alex Cutler Ussery 1889-
Lillie May Ussery 1891-1955  [mn Leonard. Wife of Alex Cutler Ussery]
Jack B. Ussery Jan 3, 1859 - Nov 27, 1956      [John Bellamy Windbush Ussery. some records say buried in Simmons Cemt.]
Luzetta T. Ussery 1851-1943 [wife of John B.W. Ussery]
Burton, son of JB & LT Ussery, Feb. 1, 1886- May 5, 1920
James A. Ussery  July 26, 1942 - July 16, 1958
Virginia Ussery 1880
William Ussery 1877-1949
Marcus W. Ussery  Mar. 9 1880 - May 22, 1942
Mary I. Ussery Mar 15, 1882 - Dec. 14, 1960
A. Raymond Ussery, son of MW & Ida Ussery, Dec. 22, 1915 - July 20, 1918
W. Henry Ussery, son of MW & Ida Ussery, Oct 14, 1907; Jan 26, 1914
Infant son of JP & Dora Ussery, born and died Aug 25, 1908
Infant son of JP & Dor Ussery, born and died Dec. 27, 1912
James P. Ussery Jan 9, 1885
Dora E. Ussery Aug 22, 1888- Apr. 9, 1961


1850 US Census:

Saml? Usery 40 m
Mary ? Usery 30 f
William Usery 8 m Texas
Richard Usery 6 m Texas
Phillip Usery 4 m Texas
Quincy? Usery 1 f Texas

1880 Hunt Co, ED 67 Sheet 30 (Soundex only)

Ussery, Turner, 30, TX
Ussery, M.E., 22, TX
Leona C., age 5, TX
Wm. Jackson age 2, TX
Ussery,W.H. 23, TX Boarder (Younger brother of Turner)

Stiles, Samuel B. 40, TX
Rachel J. , 36 wife, TX (dau. of Mastain Stephens Ussery)
Rachel l., 21 dau. TX
Richard 13 son
Margarette 10 dau.

1900 Hunt Co - ED 129, sheet 1 (Soundex)

Ussery, William H. 43, TX, June 1856
Cynthia, wife, 31, TX Dec 1868
Jane L. dau, 6 TX June 1883


Leona S. Ussery, dau. of Mastin & Lucinda Wallace Ussery married 13 May 1860 to Zadock Jackson Parkerson, son of John C. and Amanda Parkerson.
[Note: In the 1850 GA census, Zadock Jackson Parker is listed as working as an overser on the farm of the William Butler family in Harris Co., GA, Crawford dist. He enlisted Mar 6, 1862 in the CSA and served as a private in Co A of Ganos Regt of the Texas Calvary.]

William Hurt Ussery, son of Mastain and Lucinda Wallace Ussery, married Nannie M. Hart.
John Gaston Williamson married Lucinda Ussery, daughter of Mastin & Lucinda Ussery on April 6, 1871 (Hunt Bk B, pg 54)


Herald Banner, Greenville, TX Dec. 1969
Funeral services for Ray Allen Ussery, 48, of 2019 Wright St., will be held at 2:30 pm today at the Sorrels and Sons Memorial Chapel with the Revs. Paul Clark and W.J. Rogers officiating. Burial will be in the Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Ussery was pronounced dead on arrival at the local hospital at aobut 9 am Tuesday following an apparent heart attack. He was born June 6, 1921 in Greenville, the son of Otto and Allie Ray Jeffries Ussery. He married Corine Smith in Greenville in 1948. He had been employed by the Frank Wolfe Warehouse and Moving Co. for the past 14 years. Mr. Ussery is survived by his widow; his father and mother; two sons, Charles Ray Ussery of Greenville and Billy Ray Ussery of California; one daughter, Mary Ann Ussery of Greenville; one step-daughter, Mrs. Cora Little of Greenville; one brother, Tommy Downing of Greenville and two sisters, Mrs. J.W. Smith of Greenville and Mrs. John Stapleton of Mesquite. Pallbearers will be W.I. Frazier, Paul Woodard, Billy Miles, Ford Molen, Ray Johnson and Horace Moore.

Herald Banner, Greenville, TX Feb 26, 1970
Funeral services will be held for Roy Alton Ussery, 59 of Rt. 4, Greenville, at the Cash Baptist Church at 2:30 pm today with the Rev. Charles Manus and the Rev. Jerry Byars presiding. Burial will be in Simmons under the direction of Coker Mathews Peters Funeral Home. A native of Greenville, Mr. Ussery died at a Greenville hospital following several years of illnes.. He is survived by his widow; his father, Alexander C. Ussery; one son, Jerry Ray Ussery of Greenville; six daughters, Peggy Jean Ussery, Linda Mae Ussery, Jackie Lynn Ussery, Brenda Carol Ussery and Mrs. Sandra Ann Rudd all of Greenvile, and Mrs. Fannie Marie Cecil of Fort Worth; five granchildren; and one great-grandchild. Pallbearers will be Floyd Hagan, Eullas Hagan, Denton Morrison, Sammy Morrison, Delbert Ray and Pimmie Pickard.

Herald Banner, Greenville, TX Jan 1970
Funeral services for Mrs. Bessie D. Johnson of Rt 1, Celeste, will be held at 2:30 pm today at the Coker-Mathews Peters Chapel with Eldere W.W. Taylor officiating. Burial will be in the Simmons Cemetery. Mrs. Johnson died at 12:45 am Wednesday in a local h ospital following a lengthy illness. Mrs. Johnson was born Sept. 19, 1898 in Cash, the daughter of George R and Leona F. Ussery Bobe. She married Sam T. Johnson on July 5, 1914 in Cash. She was a member of the Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Churc. Mrs. Johnson is survived by her widower of Celeste.

Jim Wells County, Texas


Richard O.P. Sparks to Lettie (Lottie?) Essary m. 25 Apr. 1867
H.G. Ussery to Miss Clona Needham m. 17 Oct 1925
H.G. Ussery to Miss Ruby Preston m. 18 May 1929
Philip Lee Usry to Miss Mary John Graham mar. 8 May 1933
J.B. Horton 26 to Miss Virginia Ussery, 18 m. 19 Sept. 1948
W.A. Ussery, Jr. 21 to Miss Doris Minnie Hart, 24 m. 28 Nov 1952
Kenneth Neal Usry 24 to Miss Jo Jan Maris Henderson 22 m. 20 Dec 1958
Richard O.P. Sparks to Lettie (Lottie?) Essary m. 25 Apr. 1867


Grandview Cemetery

Roberta Jackson Hair  Jan 22, 1857-Apr 4, 1937
Montgomery Lafayette Hair Jan 13, 1856 - Apr 21, 1942
May Hair  Dec. 15, 1885-Apr. 18, 1905
Irene, dau. of John M. and Bertha (Hair) Usry  Mar 13, 1902-Oct 11, 1904
Christine, dau of John M. and Bertha Usry  Dec 7, 1905 - Nov 30, 1909
Bertha I. Usry  Sept 16, 1882 - Apr. 2 1962
John M. Usry  Jan 5, 1876 - Dec 8, 1938
Monta L. Hair, Jr.  July 12, 1957 age 63-10-18
Willie L. Hair d. 10-2-1954 age 64-8-25
Richard G. Hair  Texas T. Sgt. 42 Bomb Gp. AAF, WWII  July 28, 1918-Oct 25, 1955 

Johnson County, Texas

(Found in Walker County, Alabama Land Deed 24-425) 13 Aug 1896: State of Texas, Johnson County: We, James H. Usrey and N.C. Usery (wife)of Johnson County, Texas for $50 see to Moses C. Crownover land in Sec 26, Twp 12, Range 9 west, 137 acres.

Grandview Cemetery

John M. Usry  Jan. 5-1876 - Dec. 8, 1938 [son of  James Adolphus Usry ]
Bertha I. Usry Sept 16, 1882 - Apr 2, 1962
Irene Usry Mar. 13, 1902 - Oct 11, 1904
Christine Usry Dec.7, 1905-Nov. 30, 1909

Jones County, Texas


Joe Beasley to Alice Ussery m. 19 Feb 1928
Walter F. Engelbrecht to Miss Edith J. Ussery m. 3 Aug 1945


Bobby Joe Ussery, f b. Feb 8, 1941. Parents: H.E. Ussery age 31, b. Texas and Ruby Phillips age 39, b. TX
Wanda Ussery b. April 29, 1942. Parents: Jack Buster Ussery,  b. Texas and Lelia Idell George , b. Texas
Helen Louise Ussery b. Dec. 11, 1943.Parents: Jack Buster Ussery,  b. Texas and Lelia Idell George , 
b. Texas
Charlie David Ussery twin b. Jan 4, 1946. Parents: Jack Buster Ussery,  b. Texas and Lelia Idell George , b. Texas
Charline Ussery, twin, b. Jan. 4, 1946. Parents: Jack Buster Ussery,  b. Texas and Lelia Idell George b. Texas
Harley Chester Usry b. Aug 20, 1925. Parents: Dolley Hulett Usry, 17 b. Alabama and Agnes Gore 15 b. Wood Co., TX.Joanna Beatrice Ussery b. Apr. 29, 1942.  Parents: Jack Buster Ussery,  b. Texas and Lelia Idell George  b. Texas

Karnes County, Texas


Barney Usry to Miss Stella Hudspeth m. 26 July 1911
G.H. Ussery to Mrs. Rosie Dunn m. 5 Aug 1943


______Usry, fem b. 27 Sept 1914; Parents: Barney Usry and Stella Hudspeth.

Kaufman County, Texas


J.B. Ursery to L. Turley m. 13 Feb 1876
J.G. Ussery to Miss Omie Lemay m. Dec 20, 1918
Howard Ussery to May Hall m. Dec 24, 1922
Edd Ussery to Emma Bost m. 11 Feb 1926
Ted [Tom?] Creswell to Lilly Ussery m. Sept 10, 1899
J.W. Terry to Lula Ussery m. Feb. 5, 1921
Clarence Johnson to Lillie Ussery m. Nov 1924
C.A. Worchester to Bertha Ussery m. 23 Apr. 1927

Land Deeds

Ussery, W.S. and L.M. 1857
Ussery, W.S. and L.M. 1861
Ussery, Turner 1875
Ussery, ? 1875
Ussery, J.B. 1877
Ussery, E.T. 1877
Ussery, M.S. 1882
Ussery, W.S. 1884
Ussery, W.H. 1887
Ussery, Jack 1891
Ussery, J.B. 1901


Campground Cumberland Presbyterian Ch. Cemetery near Poetry, TX

M.S. (Mastain Stephen) Ussery Dec 15, 1803 - Oct. 6, 1876
Lucinda M., wife of M.S. Ussery Feb. 22, 1817 - Jan 4, 1871 
(See Family Page

James M., son of J.J. and H.P. Stiles Feb 22, 1891 - July 20, 1892 Willie A., son of M.S. and A.J. Ussery Sept 4, 1873 - Nov 14, 1880 Willie A., son of W.A. and M.L. Paschal May 19, 1893 - Aug 17, 1903 Mary L., wife of W.A. Paschal d. Sept 29, 1899 aged 29-11-26

1880 Census

Ussery, Jacksonw m 31 farmerTN TN TN
Ussery, Luzettaw f 26 wifeMS AL AL
Ussery, Williamw m 6 sonTX VA
Ussery, Idaw f 3 dauTX VA ?
Ussery, Henryw m 1 sonTX VA ?
Harman, Massala?w f 10 dauTX ? ?

Kendall County, Texas


Murry Truman Lane to Edna Mary Ussery m. 9 July 1956

Kent County, Texas


Earnest Ussery to Mattichan Melton m. Nov. 27, 1948


______Ussery, b April 10, 1916. Parents: Mr. Ussery and _____Bilberry.
Rose Etta Ussery b March 3, 1039 f.w. Parents: H.E. Ussery and Ruby Phillips.
Jean Suzette Ussery f.w. b. Oct. 3, 1949. Parents: Ernest Eurl Ussery and Bessie M. Melton.
Sammy Ann Ussery f.w., b. Dec 21, 1954. Parents: Charles Sam Ussery and Joan Earl.

Knox County, Texas


James C. Ussery to Miss Lorene Nicholson m. 21 Nov 1940


James Lee Ussery b Nov 12, 1941 to James C. Ussery , 22 and Lorene Nicholson 18.
Ronnie Lynn Usser b Apr. 20, 1947 to James C. Ussery and Lorene Nicholson.
Sharon Kay Ussery b Dec 13, 1946 to Arthur Lee Ussery  and Lola Faye Cumba
Baron Lee Ussery b. Feb 22, 1948 to Arthur Lee Ussery  and Lola Faye Cumba
Linda Jo Ussery b Jan 27, 1949 to Arthur Lee Ussery  and Lola Faye Cumba
Elva Kay Ussery b Dec 4, 1959 to Elva Dee Ussery and Masoma Logsdon?
Elvee Dee Ussery b Dec 9, 1921. Parents: Lee B. Ussery and Veni Lois Praffitt.

Llano County, Texas


Ussery, Tedrick Hal 6-28-1943 M- parents: Callie Lavena Showalter George Tedrick Ussery
[Source: Texas Department of Health. As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from 1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM.] Marriage Records, Book 2, 1907-1909
Usry, Barney mar. to Price Louise 04 Oct 1908

Lamar County, Texas


R.M. Ursery to Sallie Nelson m. April 13, 1884
W.G. Ussary to Lizzie Townsend Marriage license issued Aug 10, 1887; no return
O.W. Ussery and Sallie McConnell m. Nov 25, 1894
Joshua Ursery and Lula Self m. Oct 22, 1912

Hicks Jeanes and Era Ussery m. Dec 1, 1912
Cleveland Usery and Lona B. Evans m Oct 26, 1917
Joshua Ursery ad Ivy Jordan m. March 3, 1918
Joe Breck and Abbie Gail Ursery m. July 23, 1918
Charlie Ussery and Lonie Allison mar. lic. issued April 24, 1920; no return
Garland Usury to Beulah Hamby m. Aug 15, 1920
Monroe Alford and Ona Usrey m. Oct 9, 1920
Vernon L. Usery to Betty Jean Davis m. Oct. 23, 1943
Orville Usery to Mary Miller m. Nov 3, 1946
R.L. Jones and Mary June Usery m. June 2, 1948
Charles Ray Usry to Alva Ruth Bryan m. Feb 3, 1954.

Lamb County, Texas


Ronald Axtell Cleavinger to Miss Wylene Ussery m. 11 July 1952

Lavaca County, Texas


C.E. Ussery to Miss Dollie Lewis m. 8 Nov 1888
Joseph B. Burris to Mary K. Ussery m. 25 May 1891.

Leon County, Texas


Edie Phillip Pennington to Miss Lillie Lee Usry m. 16 Feb 1919


James Denis Usry b. 1 Jan 1919 to Tom W. Usry of Buffalo, TX and Vena Vestal.


William Brady Usry, of Buffalo, male, white, died 18 Mar 1918, pneumonia. Born 20 Nov 1916 age 1 year; b. Texas. Parents: T.W. Usery b Georgia and Vina Vestal b. Alabama

Ollie May Usry, f. w. single, died 2 Aug 1919 pneumonia. Parents: Tom W. Usry b. Georgia and Vena Vestal, Alabama. Interred Buffalo.

Limestone County, Texas

More Limestone Info!



Lottie Maud Usry b Sept 19, 1896. Parents: Rufus Milan Usry 21, b. Groesbeck TX and Lela Maud Jackson, 20.

James Hasel Usrey III wm, b Sept 4, 1944. Parents: James Hasel Usrey II and Delma Ruth Goates

Charles Ray Usery wm, b. July 15, 1957. Parents: William Charles Usery and Wanda Jane Russell.

Land Records

The State of Texas, County of Limestone, Elizabeth Usery to $300 paid by Alphonse Steel, tract in Robertson County on Frosts Creek, a branch of Navasota, 300 ac., a part of Robert Frost's headright, etc. Nov. 6, 1845.

The State of Texas, County of Limestone, June 7, 1847; Elizabeth Usrey of Houston County to Alphonso Steel of Limestone for $400, land on waters of Navisota Creek known as Frost Creek, and a part of the Robert Frost head right fourth of a league of land granted by the Mexican government in 1835 and surveyed by P.Z.R. Wheelock, by estimation 807 acres.
(Formerly the widow of Samuel Frost and mother and heir of Robert Frost, dec'd)


Samuel Lish Ussery, died Sept. 21, 1960; male, white; b. Jan 21, 1882, Missouri; age 78; retired from Humble Pipe Line Co. Mother: Sarah Hagens. Informant Mrs. S.L. Usery. Burial Sept 23, 1960 Mexia City, Cemetery

Elizabeth Usry, fw, widowed; died April 21, 1949; b. Nov 29, 1869, Rusk, Texas. Parents: Hardeman Perkins, b. TN and Elizabeth Barham b TN. Senility, Mexia State Hospital for Women. Burial Grove Hill Cemetery, Dallas.

Myrtle Minnie Ussery d Feb 25, 1953, Mexia State School and Hospital. B. Feb 24, 1882, Eastland, TX. Never married. Burial Gorman Cemetery, Gorman, TX.


Located two miles west of Groesbeck, Limestone Co., TX, reached by a road leading off from F.M. Highwy 1245, a sign at the entrance says:

The site of the grave of victims of the massacre at Fort Parker by Comanche and Kiowa Indians on May 19, 1836, in which Cinthia Ann Parker and others were captured.

The trunk of the oak tree under which they were buried still stands and the grave is marked by a granite slab. Also site of state monument to the pioneers erected in 1922 and the graves of other old settlers and veterans of the Texas War for Independence....Limestone County Historical Society, 1963.

 Rufus Milan Usry  July 21, 1874      June 3, 1955
Lela M. Usry        Feb. 27, 1876      July 22, 1965
O.A. Utley           Aug. 22, 1891      Jan. 21, 1920
B.M. Usry           Jan 13, 1838         May 31, 1902
N.A. wife of B.M. Usry 1841  Oct 25, 1886
Bell Usry  Nov 5, 1872  Oct. 1, 1873
Lottie May Usry  May 18, 1882  Sept. 8, 1882
Merida Usry  July 1, 1877  Sept 10, 1891
Benjamin A. Usry  Sept 6, 1879  Jan 23, 1900 

1850 U.S. Census, Limestone County, Texas

G.K.??? McCallisterm38TN
Catherine McCallisterf27Ind
Louisa McCallisterf15Miss
George W. McCallisterm13Arkansas
Daniel B. McCallisterm3Texas
Margaret McCallisterf8/12Texas
Sarah Ann Jamesf20Illinois
Benjamin Userym14Texas
Rebecca E. Anglinf14Texas
Elisha Anglinm13Texas
Seth B.m11Texas
Silas Anglinm7Texas
Emaline Anglinf3Texas

1880 U.S. Census, Limestone County, Texas

Justice Precinct 1, City of Groesbeck

Usry, Benjamin w m 43 farmerTX AL IL
Usry, Nancywf 38 wifeTX KY MS
Usry, Leewm 9 sonTX TX TX
Usry, Rufus w m 6 sonTX TX TX
Usry, Meredithwm 3 sonTX TX TX
Usry, Benjaminwm 9/12 Sept. sonTX TX TX


Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed.
Block - Block number.
Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded
. Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres.
Section - Section Number
Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin.

Survey :MERRIWETHER H USSERY .......Blk Grantee M. USSERY Abs 376
Survey :ELI USSURY ....Blk Grantee E. USSERY Abs 379
Survey :MERRIWETHER H USSERY .....Blk Grantee M. USSERY ... Section 424 Abs 377

San Augustine

April 6 1837- General Land Office File: San-Aug 1-14 (Copy of org file) Maryweather (his mark) Ussery, County of San Augustine to William M. Loyd for $1000 1/3 third league of land measuring fourteen hundred and seventy acres lying in San Augustine County four miles northeast of San Augustine- the land where he now resides. (also recorded in San Augustine Co., Deed Book C, pg 90-91)

June 21, 1838- San Augustine Co. Wm Loyd appeared for Merewether Ussery. He is a single man and is entitled to 1/3 league of land. Will have to pay $7 per labor or irrigable land and $5 per labor of arable land and $2.40 for each labor of pasture land. He received No. 618 for 855 acres of land. Land is bounded by John Wright and others 4 mi NE from the tow of San Augustine.

Jul 30, 1839- GLO File 1-14. Wm Loyd swore he surveyed 855 acres in San Augustine Co. for Merewether by virtue of Cert #618.

Dec 13, 1843- St. Augustine Bk?, pg 284- Mereweather Ussery to Thos W Clark for $500 1/3 league of land in S A 2/3 and a labor. Both are in Harrison Co.


April 7, 1838-Petiton from Shelby Co., TX to Senate and House of Representatives of the Republic of Texas. Copied from printed material. Meriwether Ussery and John A. Ussery among petitioners to form a new county.

Wood County, Texas


Wood County Texas Marriage Book E.


1860 US Census 232/227
R.T. Ussery 38 m farmer TN [Robert Thomas Ussery] Mary J. Ussery 34 f TN [Mary Jane Winbourne] Nancy J. Usery 14f TN Margarette E. Ussery 12f TX John P. Ussery 10m TX James L. Ussery 8m TX Caledonia Ussery 6f TX William R. Ussery 1m TX



Wichita County

Wichita Weekly Times: November 27, 1914 Miss Norme A. Ussery of Dallas, is in the city with the intention of opening a class in the latest social dances.

Williamson County

Pension Claims:
Usry, Martha C. 40546 Claimant: Usry, Martha C. Pension Number: 40546 County: Williamson Husband:
James Adolphus


Bartlett Cemetery:
James Adolphus Usry Jan 12, 1840 Apr. 3, 1922 Martha Usry Sept. 5 1846 May 1, 1926 [Martha Caroline Webster, wife of Adolphus Usry] William Forney Usry Died July 26, 1894; age 24y 2m 12d [son of James A. & Martha C. Usry] Leslie Leroy Usry Aug. 22, 1871 Aug 23 1951 Eva Mattie Usry Aug 12, 1872 Oct 5 1962 S.W. Fisher Mar 6 1870 Apr 24 1931 Lucy Fisher Gardner June 2 1880 Oct 31 1959


Deed Book 233, page 590, Nov. 22, 1927. "The undersigned deed to S.W. Fisher and Lucy Usry Fisher, for $1840 paid and three notes for $400 each. Propery in the town of Bartlett lots 16,17,18,19,20,21; and fifty-five feet off west ends of lots 1,2, and 3, all in block 10 of Bartlett.

J.T. Usry and wife Elizabeth
L.L. Usry and wife Eva
R.S. Thompson and wife Millie Usry Thompson
J.M. Usry and wife Bertha
J.S. Hair and wife Nannie Usry Hair
D.W. Usry and wife Winnie
H.S. Usry and wife Viola
L.W. Usry and wife Merle

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