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Welcome to the Sanders Family Association's website for Sanders - Saunders family bible records. This part of our website is devoted to gathering and preserving the marriage, birth, baptismal and death records recorded in our family Bibles.

Family bibles are often our most cherished family treasures -- simply because they contain the most important information on our family. The older the bible, the more likely they are the only source for the marriages, births and deaths recorded in them.

They are so important to us that, as the old saying goes, as soon as Mama and Daddy die, one of the first things to "disappear" is the family bible.

One of the main goals of the Sanders Family Association is to collect copies of all such family bibles to preserve in the Sanders Family National Library for future generations. A xerox copy would be more valuable but if you cannot make an actual copy, then please copy the information and send this to us.

Start by copying the title page -- the page containing the date when the bible was printed. Then copy all the pages containing marriages, births, baptisms and deaths. If there is a page which gives the name of the "original" owner, copy that also. Often this is inscribed on the title page, the inside front cover or near the front.

When you send in the copy, please give the name and hometown of the person who presently owns the bible.

If you can make xerox copies, please mail these to the family club at the address below. If you have a scanner for your computer and prefer, you can send scanned copies from your computer as an attachment to an email. These will have to be sent one page at a time to keep from overloading our computer.

We hope to display such records on this part of our website. Send your bible records to us at the following addresses.

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Sanders Family Association
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