Confederate States Army

Sanders - Saunders in the Confederate States Army

This portion of our History section is devoted to all those Sanders / Saunders Southern men and boys who served as soldiers and sailors in defense of their homes and Nation in the Confederate States of America Army and Navy during the War for Southern Independence (War Between the States), 1861-1865. We will add the names of all known Sanders / Saunders who served in the military forces of the Confederacy. If you have details on your ancestor's military service, we would appreciate hearing from you.

We cannot list all of the men at one time because of a lack of space. We shall list them alphabetically a few at a time and try to change the lists monthly.

All regiments below are infantry except when noted, such as Cav. for cavalry or Arty. for artillery.

Explanation of terms:

Arty.		Artillery
Bn.		Battalion
Cav.		Cavalry
Conf.		Confederate national units
Cons.		Consolidated units 
Cpl.		Corporal
Lt.		Lieutenant
Mtd.		Mounted infantry
QM		Quarter Master
Sgt.		Sergeant
St.		State 


A.			A	AL 2 Cav.
A.			E	AL 6 Cav.
A.			A	AL 8 Cav. (Hatch's)
A.				AL 24
A.			F	AR Cav. (Gordon's)
A.			K	AR 2
A.			I	GA 3
A.			B	GA 8 Bn. Cav.
A.			B	LA 26
A.			E	MS 5 (St. Troops)
A.			A	MS 33
A.			I	MS Jeff Davis Legion, Cav.
A.			F	SC 2
A.				SC 16		     Corp.
A.			G	SC 19
A.			C	TN 28 Cav.	     Capt.
A.			B	TN 9
A.			D	TX 5
A.			K	Tx (Timmons')
A.			A	TX 35 Cav. (Likens')
A.		A.	E	NC  1 Junior Res.
A.		A.	B	SC 9 Bn.
A.		B.	E	MS 38 Cav.
A.		B.	C	MS 21
A.		B.	Huggins'TN Lt. Arty.
A.		C.	D	GA 1 Cav.
A.		C.	M	GA 5 Reserves	     Cpl.
A.		C.	I	SC 2
A.			CampbellSC Lt. Arty. , Walter's (Washington's)
A.		C.	B	VA 1 St. Reserves
A.		D.	C	FL 2 Bn.
A.		D.	K	MS 9
A.		D.	K	MS 41
A.		D.	C	NC 23
A.		Edward	K	NC 34
A.		F.	I	AL 15		     Sgt.
A.		F.	C	AL 30
A.		F.	B	AR 1 Cav. (Dobbin's)
A.		F.	C	TN 18
A.		G.	E	SC 7 Bn. (Enfield Rifles) 1st Lt.
A.		G.	A	TX 24 & 25 Cav.
A.		G.	A	TX Cav. (Mann's)
A.		H.	Foote's	MS Mtd. Men
A.		H.	F	MS 7 Cav.
A.		I.	G	MO Cav. (Fristoe's)
A.		J.	New H	AL 5
A.		J.	New I	AL 5
A.		J.	D	AL 14
A.		J.	C	AL 40
A. 		J.	Baker's	AR Mtd. 
A.		J.	Hawkins'AR 2 Mtd. Rifles
A.		J.	A	GA 24		     Cpl.
A.		J.	F	GA 28
A.		J.	F	GA 34
A.		J.	H	GA 41
A. 		J.	D, Band	LA 9		     Musician
A.		J.	G	LA 15
A.		J.	F	MS 7 Bn.
A.		J.	C	MS 33
A. 		J.	I	MO 1 & 4 Cons.
A.		J.	D	MO 4
A. 		J.	I	SC 7
A.		J.	F	SC 15
A.		J.	E	TN 18
A. 		J.	A	TN 25
A.		J.	A	TX 27 Cav.
A.		J.	B	20 Conf. Cav.
A.		J.  S.		NC 43
A. 		L.	I	GA 2 Res.
A.		L.	A	MS 33
A.		L.	G	MO 6 Cav.
A.		M.	E	AL 30
A.		N.	I	SC 1 (Butler's)
A.		P.	A	MS 3 Cav.
A.		P.	D	MS 3 (St. Troops)
A.		P.	D	TX 22
A.		P.	Carter's VA Lt. Arty.
A.		R.	K, G	MS 3 Cav.
A.		R.	K	MS 3 (St. Troops)
A.		R.	I	NC 22
A.		R.	D	TX 17 Cons. Dismtd.	
A.		S.	G	TN 38
A.		T.	A	GA 54
A.		T.	L	SC 1
A.		V.	G	TN 154 Senior	     Corp.
A.		V.	QM Dept., Staff	Conf. Gen. Staff  Capt.
A.		W.	A	AL Cav. Lewis' Bn.
A.		W.	A	AR 2
A.		W.	K	AR 32
A.		W.	K	AR 36
A.		W.	G	LA 15
A.		W.	F	NC 1 Jr. Reserves
A.		W.	G	VA 2 Cav.
Aaron			Ernest'sAR		     Ord. Sgt.
Aaron			F	AR 4
Aaron    (*Aron)	E	GA 25
Aaron			A	NC 5 Sr. Reserves
Aaron			E	NC 14
Aaron			H	NC 45
Aaron		C.	A	GA 24
Abe			B	TN 
Abijah			I	NC 43
Abram		N.	E	GA 25
Adam			F	GA 1
Adams			E	TX 6		     Sgt.
Addison   (*Adison)	H	VA 42
Addison		E.	A	VA 17		     1st Sgt.
Al			H	MS 1 Cav.
Alberry			A	GA 9 Bn.
"			D	GA 37
"			H	GA 54
Albert				AR Thrall's Btty., Lt. Arty.
Albert                  Allen's VA Hvy. Arty.
Albert          A.      I       NC 39
Albert		H.	A       MO 8 Cav.
Albert	        W.              TN 10 Cav.
Alex			F	MS 41
Alex			C	NC 2 Cav. (19 St. Troops)
Alexander		Lane's	GA (Jasper & Butts Co. Guards)
Alexander		F	MS 3 Bn.
Alexander		H	NC 47
Alexander		G	VA 19
Alexander		D	VA 41
Alexander		B	VA 77 Militia
Alexander	F.	C	NC 24		     1st Lt.
Alexander	H.	A	TN 1 (Turney's)	     Cpl.
Alexander	P. Green A	MS 34
Alexander	T.	A	SC 2 Cav.
Alfred				GA
Alfred			A	MO 8
Alfred                  I       NC 7                 2nd Lt.
Alfred                  G       NC 45
Alfred			D	NC 62
Alfred			B	TN 20
Alfred                  E       Conf. Cav. Trans.Ms. 1 Bn. Lt.
Alfred		G.	K	TX 13 Cav.	     Sgt.
Alfred          M.      K       NC 37                Sgt.
Alfred		M.	K	VA 51
Alic		H.	I	Conf. Cav., Mead's   1st Lt.
Allen			K	AL 6 Cav.
Allen			C	AL 48
Allen			A	GA 23
Allen		J.	C	NC 15
Allen		J.	C	NC 15
Allen		J. S.		NC 34
Allen		J.	D	VA 40
Allen		N.	Adams'	AR 38
Allen		N.	K	TX 6 Cav.
Allen		P.	D	Ga 30
Allison		C.	H, E	GA 5		     Sgt.
Almond			Nash's	MS (Leake Rangers)
Ambros			H	GA Cherokee Legion (St. Guards)
Amos  (*Amas)	A. 	I	AL 27		     Sgt.
Amos		A.	H	AL 57		     Sgt.
Anderson		Thrall's AR Lt. Arty., Thrall's Btty.
Anderson	A.	K	LA 17
Anderson	H.	E	VA 56		     Cpl.
"               "	H	VA 57		     Sgt.
"               "	E	1 Conf. Engineer Troops	Cpl.
Andrew			B	NC 2 Bn.
Andrew			B	NC 6
Andrew			F	TX 11
Andrew		C.	D	GA 12
Andrew		D.	H	VA 55		     Major
Andrew		J.	K	MS 5
Andrew		J.  M.	I	TN 22	
Andrew		J.	I	TN		     1st Sgt.
Andrew		J.	I	TN 37		     1st Sgt.
Andrew		J.	B	TN 44
Andrew		P.	E	SC 6		     2nd Lt.
Andrew		S.		TN 45
Andrew		T.	D	VA 4
Applewhite		Croom's	NC Local Defense Forces
Armistead	W.	H	VA 8
Arthur		L.	K	VA 9 Cav.	     Cpl.
Asa			B	KY 5 Mtd.	     Cpl.
Asa		C.	A	GA 9 Bn.
"		"	D	GA 37
Asa    (*Acy)	D.  	G	AL 3 Reserves
Asa			F	NC 1
Asa		L.	D	TX Cav. (Baylor's)
Asberry			B	GA Cherokee Legion (St. Guards)
Ashford			Pickett's  FL Cav.
Ashford		D.	H	FL 10
Ashford		G.	H	FL 8
Ashley		A.	C	LA 31
Augustus			MS 4
Augustus	A.	B	SC 26		     Cpl.
Augustus	H.	Hurt's	AL Lt. Arty.	     Sgt.
Augustus	O.	D	VA 4
Austin			C	KY 5 Mtd.
Austin		N.	B	VA 41 Militia

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