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Welcome to the Sanders Family Association's History section on famous and prominent Sanders - Saunders. This part of our History section is devoted to honoring those relatives who have achieved a degree of fame or prominence because of their achievements in such fields as government service (politics), education, entertainment, the arts, science, medicine, religion, sports, business and industry, finance and other fields of endeavor.

If you ever wondered about whether you were related to anyone "famous" or notable, or at least who has the same family name, then this portion of our HISTORY section if for you.

The family club would appreciate your help in this effort to gather and preserve information and records on our Sanders - Saunders families. If you know of any relative (Sanders or descendants of the family) who have achieved recognition for their accomplishments in any field of endeavor, please let us know with as much details as you can. Try to include any family history of the person.

Eventually, we hope to have a great deal of information for you in this section of the Family Club's website. We plan to add a LOT more information on a lot of Sanders kinfolk (and their descendants). Please be patient as we work on it. Just got an email from a cuz asking why we don't have anything about "Colonel" Sanders, the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain of resturants. It's coming...I have spent a lot of time researching him and the company he founded.

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Government - Politics

Sanders - Saunders who have been elected or appointed to federal, state and local offices and who have been employed in government offices

Federal Government

State Government

Sanders - Saunders who have served in elected and appointed state offices, including governors, lieutenant governors, attorneys general and state legislatures

Local Government

Sanders - Saunders who have served as mayor, sheriff, county commissioner, city councilman and in other local offices


Sanders - Saunders who have made their mark in the arts.

Business and Industry

Sanders - Saunders who have made their mark in business and industry.


Sanders - Saunders who have served as notable educators in all levels, principals and elected education officials


Sanders - Saunders who have made their mark in the movies, television, drama and music.


Sanders - Saunders who have achieved high rank in the military service.



Sanders - Saunders who have made their mark in all sports, including high school, college and professional sports.


Sanders - Saunders who have been notable in the field of religion, including ministers, bishops, writers and educators.

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