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They will live ...
as long as we remember.

Welcome to the Sanders Family Association's website on Sanders - Saunders Family History. This section of our site is devoted to the history of all Sanders - Saunders families. This history section is sponsored by the Sanders Family Association, a family club founded to help preserve Sanders - Saunders family heritage. If you are a Sanders - Saunders or descendant of a Sanders, you are urged to send us information and copies of records on your family branch to preserve in our Family Library and to post on this site. Obviously, we are not all blood related. However, we do have a common bond in the fact that we want to preserve our heritage.

We hope our History section can become a major site for learning more about all the Sanders - Saunders families. It can only become so with YOUR help. Only you can find Grandma's old family Bible and make xerox copies of the family information in it to send in to the Sanders Family Library. Only you can visit your local courthouse to copy down Sanders family marriage records, deeds, wills and other records. This cannot be done by one person nor a small group--that is why we have our family club.

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Only the sections with linked highlighted words are open yet. Please bear with us as we add more records and info for you. The site will constantly change so visit often for different records.

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Note: the coat of arms shown above is but one of many granted to Sanders / Saunders men by English monarchs over the centuries. If you have a copy of an arms or so-called family crest, please send a copy to preserve in the Family Library.

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