Sanders - Saunders Marriage Records

Part 31, West Virginia

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These marriage records have been obtained from a variety of sources, including directly from courthouse records, published books and magazines and from lists sent in by relatives. In many cases, the date shown is not the actual date of marriage but rather when the marriage license -- or bond, was issued. This is especially true of older records. These are most likely a marriage "bond", a legal promise to marry the girl and if the marriage did not take place, the man and his bondsman forfeited the bond money. The family club urges everyone to gather Sanders - Saunders family marriage records and send these to us to preserve in the Sanders Family National Library.

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West Virginia


Berkeley County

Elizabeth		24 Dec	1799	John		Palmer
John			30 Mar	1800	Margaret	SANDERS
Frederick		 6 Aug	1807	Margaret	Reed
John			23 Oct	1841	Rebecca	        Wallig

Boone County

Charles			ca	1909	Belle	C.	Price
Mary	Estil		ca	1910	William Edgar   Hager

Brooke County

Lewis			22 Aug	1808	Prudence	Gamble
Catharine		 1 Jul	1841	John		Harper

Cabell County

Mary	Ethel		10 Mar	1896	Isaac	Milton Chapman

Gilmer County

Mary	E.		ca	1882	James	J.	Bush
Alice	E.		 8 May	1892	Oliver	Perry	Collins
Martha			ca	1893	???		Pearcy

Hampshire County

Alexander		ca	1852	Mary	Ann	Hannas
John	Henry		 1 Mar	1877	Ellen Elizabeth Haines
Margaret Elizabeth	 2 Dec	1885	Edward Beall	Cummins
Mary	Susan		23 Oct	1889	Lafayette Ashby Carder
Richard	Frampton	16 Sep	1891	Alverda Baine	Patterson

Harrison County

Benjamin	F.	14 Feb	1850	Matilda	        Harrison
Mary	V.		 4 Mar	1875	James	E.	Mason

Jackson County

David	Thomas	         8 Jul	1880	Mattie		Brannan

Jefferson County

William			ca	1798	Elizabeth	Sheely
Margaret		ca	1829	???		Knott
Nathaniel	P.	 8 Nov	1832	Margaret	Heller
Robert			ca	1834	Keziah		Johnson

Kanawha County

John	A.		15 Feb	1847	Caroline M.	Shirkey
David	F.	Thomas	17 Nov	1857	Sarah	A.	Boggess

Lincoln County

Mary			30 Sep	1875	Elisha	P.	Hatfield

Logan County

Noah	Baldwin	        11 Oct	1866	Nancy	Ann	Haner
Mary	A.		 3 Jul	1874	William A.	Abbott
Frederick		ca	1883	Isabell		Bennett
Ardelia			21 Nov	1888	George R.	Gore

Marion County

John			ca	1873	Hannah	        Springer
Louise			ca	1888	J.	B.	Fox

Marshall County

Thomas	A.		 1 Jan	1846	Nancy		Thompson

Mason County

Harriet			18 Jan	1845	Benjamin	Hall
Thomas	J.		28 Feb	1850	???		McCoy

Monroe County

Robert	W.		10 May	1852	Celina		Milburn
William			15 Jan	1855	Elizabeth	Honaker

Mercer County

William			ca	1850	Judy		Nicely
Elizabeth		12 Aug	1875	John	Henry	Thompson
Patrick	H.		ca	1879	Armelia	        Queen

Mingo County

Angeline		13 Oct	1892	Simey	Lee	Compton

Monongalia County

Hiram			14 Apr	1817	Sarah		Crieter
Enoch	S.		31 Jan	1828	Margarett	Davis
Thomas	L.		ca	1846	Eleanor	        Hunt
Hettie			19 Oct	1854	Alexander L.	Wade
John	Wiley		ca	1893	Nancy		Lee

Ohio County

Catherine	S.	 1 Aug	1833	Allen		Miller
John	W.		22 Mar	1870	Mary	Alma	Surgison
Louisa			 7 Sep	1871	John		Okel
Catherine Caroline	11 Sep	1879	Henry		Schafer

Pendleton County

John	C.		11 Sep	1866	Mary	M.	Hiner
Louisa			26 Apr	1870	James		Welch

Preston County

Catherine		 3 Oct	1842	Thornton F.	Hebb
Alexander	B.	ca	1863	Catherine	Harsh
Catherine		26 Oct	1879	William S.	Wiles
Mary	Elizabeth	17 Feb	1881	David   Charles	Nine
Alexander Thomas	16 Dec	1885	Alverda Lee	Cummins
Elias	Washington	10 May	1903	Bertha  Agnes	Saucer
Nita	Muriel		25 Dec	1919	Ira	Lee	Stahl

Taylor County

Perry	G.		16 Oct	1887	Bassla		Tucker

Wayne County

Elizabeth		ca	1875	John		Jordan
Jackson	Beauregard	16 Sep	1886	Elmira		Cox
Jacob	Jr.		14 Feb	1889	Mary	Jane	Kelly
Charles	Harrison	ca	1890	Nancy  Margaret Napier
Henry	Harrison	 4 Nov	1891	Laura		Morrison

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