Stephen's Autograph Page: The FIRST online guide to autopen patterns

Last updates: May 6, 2008. (New George W. Bush autopen added.)



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Note: This is not a complete guide. In fact, new autopen patterns are discovered every day, making a thorough collection of patterns impossible. However, the autopen patterns within this autopen library represent a majority of known templates which have been used by the celebrities listed.

If anyone has other proven autopen patterns not represented here, please contact me. Also, if you have questionable material, please make a scan of the signature for me so that I can post it here too.

For more information on the Autopen and the way it makes mechanical signatures, please refer to this page.

NOTE: Removal of autopen images from this page is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED!

The following people have contributed to this project, and have my gratitude: Kevin Santry, Adam Harwood, Steve Gruber, Justin Locke, Adam Jones, Steven McClure, Joerg Wenk, Carsten Vogt, Michael Lombarczki. Photo credits: NASA, Ford Library.

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