It is with great sorrow I announce the passing of Scooter.
I adopted Scooter June 30, 1995, from the same veterinary as where he left me.  The best estimate was his birthday had been in April or May of 1993 -- we celebrated his birthday on April 30th as a compromise.  He is gone now a few months shy of 13 years old, at about 12:45pm, January 7, 2006.  A chilly day in January, in many ways.

Scooter Basset Hound Live Looks Around the Digs
Latest update: Sunday, 24 June, 2007
Scooter Basset Hound

A lightning strike has disable the modem used to upload Live! SCOOTERcam images to the Electric Digs web site.
Until the modem can be replaced, there will be no updates or Live! images available.
I apologize for this inconvenience.
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EARTHCAM Top 10 WebCam!
Aug. 5, 1997

Sept. 12, 1997

Scooter Basset Hound
Click pic to hear me sing.

I'm so excited about my new SCOOTERcam my tongue is hanging out! I just added a brand new third camera (the second low light level one), to allow even more choices and night time pictures. Take a look and I bet you get excited too -- at least you'll be wagging your tail. You do have a tail, don't you?

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Where's SCOOTERcamWhere In The World Is SCOOTERcam

SCOOTERtv is even newer and now it has it's own video camera to capture pictures. Watch them both, or the one that gets your drool going best.

Because of the way SCOOTERtv images are captured, it takes longer than the SCOOTERcam.
Please allow a couple minutes or more for the SCOOTERtv image to be delivered.
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View most recent 10 captures.
Available while SCOOTERtv is On-Line.
View 10 daily archive captures.
Always available.

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This is so New, I'm not sure just what Mini Movies I'm going to show. The movies are captured live, just like all SCOOTERcam pictures. Right now they are the same scene, but live motion rather than a still picture. Images are sent in a continuous stream to your browser. How quickly the images change depends on how fast the connection to the Internet is. The movie will last for a couple minutes or more.


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Where Do I Dig Up This Stuff?

The LIVE! pictures of the SCOOTERcam come from a couple sources and show several different scenes. The view out Scooter's Window is of Southeast Florida -- Boca Raton -- and the busy street I know not to go near. SCOOTER LIVE! pictures are shown when I slow down my frantic Basset Hound pace and the camera is able to keep up with me. SCOOTERtv shows...guess what? Well, it used to be TV! But now it has its own camera, and also shows LIVE! images around the digs. To see the pictures previous visitors have viewed on SCOOTERcam and SCOOTERtv, look through the forty images in the four Album mini windows. I've got more ideas of neat things to show -- would you believe home videos? -- so come back often and see what I'm pawing at next.


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