1989 Civic LX

Bone stockHere it is before I got my greedy little customizing hands on it.

Stock door panelHere's what the door panel looks like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Custom door panelThe start of my door panels.

Added foamThe foam here adds a little OEM look back into the door panels.

Finishing upAlmost done.

Finished productWhat do you think? Pretty spiffy eh? It looks kinda funny because the foam is pushed in and the glue is still wet. They looked much better when everything settled.

Center channelYup, those are two gigantic holes in the dask. I mounted two MB Quart tweeters here and made a custom grill to cover them up. Turned out really good, I wish I had a picture of the finished product somewhere.

Start of amp rackMany hours of my life, and many router tips was spent on this amp rack. I used a router where all the wires would go so they sunk into the wood. Never again! MDF board is terrible to work with!!!

Pre-wiringBasically I just started Prewiring everything here.

Start of BPThis bandpass box was bad ass! Those are two JL12W1 (the cheap ones!) . Because the way the box was designed I was able to feed them 250Watts RMS each! I painted it fleck stone and had a blue neon light that came on when you opened the trunk. It looked realy cool at night.

BP BoxHeres the box going into the car. Believe it or not this box would not fit into the car with the top on (no matter what). It was only an additional .75" but it just wouldn't do it. So I used foam to seal it and had to screw the top on after it was inside the car. What a pain! At least I didn't have to worry about the box getting stolen unless they used a chainsaw!

BP portHere's the hole I cut out of the rear deck to accomodate the port of the BP box.

Amp rack and boxI put the amp rack on hinges and put a lock on it so it could fold down to gain access to the wiring and passive crossover network.

From the frontHere's a picture of the amp rack from the front. I had a Soundstream Reference 300, Reference 500, Audio Control 2XS, and Phoenix Gold interconnects. Good stuff but damn it was expensive!

DynomatOf course I wasn't going to cruise around with my car rattling so the entire car was stripped and Dynomated.

Finished productHere is the finished product (finally!). This system took forever!

Finished productHere is another shot. The best this box ever hit was 143dB at the "Sounds Alive" show. I was happy with it.

A close upI like bandpass boxes because of the dB gains you can get at a tuned frequency but I don't like the fact that you can't see the speakers doing their magic so I made a plexiglass window in this box so you could see them MOVE!!!

Start of another systemHere is the start of yet another system in my Civic. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do at the time. I know I wanted to use the spare tire well for the box to save trunk space at least. Here I am laying yet more "Dynomat" and am applying a heat gun to it.

FiberglassNext a basic frame was built and the start of the fiberglass was laid down.

More fiberglassMan this box was hell. Fiberglass is not nice stuff to work with. It's super messy and the car reaked for 2 weeks. I had to drive with the windows down (in the winter!) or else I would get high. No, not a good high, a terrible headache hangover feeling high.

FoamThis box had a very low air volume in it so I used "Polyfill" to trick the speakers into thinking there was more air space than there really is. Actually when you couple speakers (share the same air space) you can run less air space as well.

Isobaric 12'sSome how I got a good deal on four 12's so I decided I would try a "push-push" isobaric sealed box. It ended up sounding like shit (I think it was too much air space) so I tore it out a couple days later. I made a new face plate and ran the four 12's all firing up in the sealed enclosure. It sounded awesome but it was still a little lose sounding. So I cut down the box making it even smaller. When I put it back together again (it had a little over 2 cubic feet) it sounded like shit! I figured the box was too small now.

6 JL 10So basically I figured since I ruined the box for the 12's I would go with six 6". I could keep the same box, I would just need to make a new faceplate for the 10's. When I was done this one sounded better than the 12's (not quite as loud) but the box was super small. Remember what I said about coupling. Well how many boxes do you hear about that house six 10's in a 2 cubic ft box?

Lowered & tintI've always liked having a nice looking car, but when I first got my car I cared more about the stereo than what it looked like. Well I think I got my first credit card here because I remember using it to buy wheels. Not long after it was lowered as well.

Ground effects... and before I even knew it, it had full ground effects.

Accord wingNext up was a wing. All the aftermarket ones looked lame or too goddy so I ened up getting the stock wing w/LED brake light for the 90-93 Accord. It fit perfect and looked great!

Another angleAnother angle, just from the other side.

Engine bayEveryone told me the Optima battery won't fit because it originally came with an economy battery. Well somehow I was able to get this bad boy in the OEM location. It looked factory enough for me! The only engine mods I had was an intake, NGK wires, Pacesetter header, and Stromung exhaust. Not fast but quicker than stock.

Finished productThis was basically as far as I got with this car before I traded it in for my Accord!