Misc Pictures

This is just a bunch of pictures I've collected over the years. Some of my friends cars and trucks, some of them are cars I've lowered, and some are just pictures of various things.

Randal'sHere is my buddy Randal's 92 Civic LX w/16" TSW EVO's and 45 series Pirelli's. I'm assuming it was the tires because I've never been in a car that handled or braked as well as this one.

Randal's car... RIPIt handled well but not good enough for the switchbacks of Oak Creek canyon! Sliding sliding sideways at about 45 mph around a 15mph turn isn't good especially when there's an oncoming car. I wasn't in the car but I guess he was completely sideways with the steering wheel cranked to counter steer in second gear with the tach redlined when the other car came around the corner.

Randal's boat and truckHere's a shot of Randal's truck and boat.

Randal and Gina's Accord... and their Accord. They don't have this car anymore but they sold the wheels to Randal's brother. I need to get a shot of his Black Prelude. It looks good!

A chick friendHillary 's (a friend) car. An old Accord hatchback after it had been lowered.

ElizabethHere is Lizards Civic after I installed Bec-Techs on it. Believe it or not. This is with the adjustment in the middle. It will still go much lower.

/Randal and I lowered thisRandal and I lowered this guys Mustang. This was the first 5sp car I ever drove that had balls. It wasn't long after I drove this that I sold the Civic to get something faster. The Accord still wasn't FAST but it was a rocket compared to the Civic.

Little RobertHere is the in-famous "little Robert" that I'm always talking about in my journals.

The shop/garageMost if not all of the custom mods done to my cars probably would not have been possible without the help from this guy and his garage.

A friend - RenoHere's a one of my friends from CA. This was taken in Reno while we were there for the "Hot August Nights" car show.

A friendOne of my best friends through high school. He got this car right around graduation or just after. I think it was red originally. It was a very good paint job and the stereo was insane! I think it had eight 10's and then four 12's.

My old truck from HS - old school!Hey here's a shot of my truck I had while I was in high school. Can you say, Old School! Actually it was the shit back then (89-92').

20 inch wheel w/30 series tireI took this picture at Reno back in 95'. These were the shit! I don't think 20" wheels were on any cars back then. Now (97') they are becoming quite frequent at the car shows.

Old school - BrentThis is my friend Brent's truck. Definitely the coolest truck around at the time. He had air shocks but he liked to drive around this low so he could see peoples faces in shock.

Middle school - BrentBrent started getting a little more modern and lost the snug top and replaced it with a tonue (<-- spelling) cover.

Body drop - BrentEven more modern yet. Cut the ground effects off, sanded, primer, and body drop.

Current - BrentBrent again with BRIGHT red paint at the 97' Endless Summer show.

BobHere's Bob's Accord right after getting it back from the shop with purplish blueish paint.

Old school - BillBill's truck with the old paint job and wheels

New school - BillBill's truck with 17" wheels and BRIGHT yellow paint.